Al Makura’s failed promises & first year as Nasarawa Governor [Part 1]



Gen Mohammad Buhari and Nasarawa Governor, Al Makura

The coming of the Congress for Progressive Change [CPC] governor of Nasarawa State came as nirvana to the people of Nasarawa State and to the members of the newly formed political party led by the former military leader of Nigeria, General Muhammad Buhari. The feeling on the day of swearing-in of the CPC governor on May 29, 2011 spelt nostalgia amidst the heavy turnout of the people of the State to witness a history in the making. To many, it was a euphoric dream come true. And to many, it dried teary eyes for the simple ejection of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] out of the governor’s seat.

But with nearly one year having gone by, the nostalgia appears to have begun a quick dissipation to give way for the realities of the newly sworn-in governor’s inabilities and/or probable in-capabilities in administrating the state affairs. The CPC governor who rode on the goodwill of the leader of the CPC, General Mohammad Buhari to gain his way into the hearts of Nasarawa people, made many promises to the people of what he will deliver within his first year in office. Like a trusting sheep of the shepherd, the people of Nasarawa accepted the governor’s promises. Unfortunately, after one year in office as the governor, Al-Makura found difficulty fulfilling any of his lofty promises.

Cursory examination of the activities within the various ministries reveals plenty.

  1. Education Ministry –

Activity at the education ministry appeared null. The governor’s office exhibits acute symptoms of maladministration at this ministry. Independent investigation conducted by showed limited activity at the ministry. On the first level, there appear no infrastructural projects on ground. There were no evidences of infrastructural development at the primary school level, secondary school or tertiary level. At the Nasarawa polytechnic, the workers and students have been on strike over nonpayment salaries. At the Science Secondary school in Lafia [the governor’s hometown] where 2,000 students attend school, only two Science teachers are on staff to handle the 2,000 students. To add muster, the Governor stopped the awards of scholarships to indigenes to study abroad or at foreign institutions.

  1. Commerce, Industry, Cooperatives Ministry  –

One of the governor’s promises was to revamp commerce and industry in Nasarawa State. In particular, he promised to build an airstrip in Lafia and cargo airport in Karu – but the promises lost its way to fruition. Cursory inquiry showed that there are no technical designs for the development to date and no readily available evidence that work has begun or that work will begin. Gov Al Makura promised to fix the fertilizer blending plant located in Lafia – that was built by former Gov A. Adamu – but the plant has yet to receive the promised attention. The said scenario plays out with the soap industry in Agwanga and the Karu International market. The Farin-Ruwa Hydro power project was one of the well received promises of upgrade and/or rehabilitation. The governor acted to appoint a company to rehabilitate the plant – but to date; there remains no activity resembling the start of work. The plant remains shut as a result.

  1. Water Resources and Rural Development Ministry –

Financial handicapped farmers and residents of the rural communities Nasarawa State were promised rural electrification and a 33KVA extension to the national grid for all the Local Government Areas [LGA] headquarters. Cursory investigation shows that none of the LGAs has received the said 33KVA. Rural electrification has yet to commence at Duduguru and Igga. The water problem in Nasarawa State has been near epidemic, particularly the towns of Lafia, Nasarawa Eggon, and Nasarawa. In an effort to remedy the water shortage problem, the governor ordered for the overhauling of the piping system – guided by the belief that the problem was with the piping system. After the completion of the overhaul, the water shortage continued.

  1. Finance Ministry –

The “state is bankrupt” exclaimed staff attached with the State Finance Ministry. Prior to arrival of Governor Al Makura, the State Finance ministry, according to official State figures, collected N250million monthly of Internally Generated Revenue [IGR] but with the arrival of the Al Makura, the IGR collection have averaged N600milion monthly – an increase over 130% revenue. In addition, the state, according to official state figures, received N97billion from a combined federal allocation, excess crude, NNPC differential bonus, dollar excess crude, VAT, etc. The supplementary budget of 2011, the year before his arrived, had a surplus of N12billion. In summation the governor, for his first year in office received in excess of N116.2billion. But salaries in the State remain unpaid – as the governor engages in a mass sack of workers [7,000] – through the guise of a worker’s screening exercise. For two months, there has been no disbursement of monies to the LGAs.

  1. The Judiciary –

The judiciary receives the worst assault.  A Court in Doma LGA in Nasarawa State operates under a tree [a cowshed] because they were evicted from their official court premises due to lack of rent payment. In Karu, Nasarawa State, a grade ‘A’ area court also operates under a tree [a cowshed].

Interestingly, the governor who is reportedly prepping for an elaborate festive occasion to celebrate his first year in office has earmarked the sum of N915million for the event amidst a litany of promises lingering unfulfilled.

The governor promises failed him at the sport stadium which he told he told his people he will upgrade. The sport stadium at Lafia, Agwanga, Keffi – till date – bares no evidence of work being done. The sports academy at Agwanga is reportedly under decay.

Few months of assumption to the governor’s office, the governor shared 10 brand new Toyota Camry vehicles to friends and supporters [cronies]. Some of the recipients of the vehicles include – Attajiyah Rikiyah, Commissioner for Sport, and Youth [Daniel Ogazi], SA media’s dad and others.  The cronyism of the governor was not limited to the bazaar of cars. He took daughter-in-law and placed her at the position of Executive Secretary of State Universal Basic Education Board [SUBEB]. He also took his sister-in-law and placed her at the position of Commissioner for woman affairs.

It begs the question where the N116.2billion has gone? With General Buhari preparing for the presidential contest of 2015 against the PDP, how much of the Nasarawa State’s funds [N116.2billion] may have found its way to the Buhari Campaign treasury?

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  1. This is bloody lie. We the people of Nasarawa are enjoying the Almakura’s effort. We have stayed in abject poorverty for over 10 years and now comes our hope and Mesiah, the one we all voted for and One of the few Governors who won without riging. If you are not form my state please short the your mouth up. Say this to a public in any of the local governments in Nasarawa state see how you will treated by the public. PDP trained theif. Yeye people. “Anyi na farko anyi na karshe…”

  2. Am surprised at this write up.Am sure the author of this article has never visited Nasarawa State.Iam a native of Doma from where the immediate past Governor comes from.
    If all you said are true,what was the situation in the state before Al Makura came?
    For the first time,Lafia the state capital has traffic lights,asphalt tarred roads,water supply and improved electricity.Our hospitals now have drugs from Hospital based revolving scheme recently flagged by His Excellency amongst other things.
    I challenge the author to please come to Nasarawa state and witness the many completed projects in Nasarawa State in the past one year.
    Nasarawa state is working.

  3. I wonder how some pple will not allow the truth to be told to power because of their naive nature and myopic thinking.this is a man who promise us heaven and earth only to be defending him for giving back nothing and we are there talking about street light and township road as if no one has never constructed road in Lafia metropolis.even the immediate past lafia LG chairman constructed Road along Abdullahi Adamu Estate and also roads were constructed within Lafia township starting from round about to emirs palace and all over the ancient city of lafia .therefore pple should shut up when pple are telling the truth to the power,that is how u sell urself and later complain that nothing has been done.Am sure those pple have never taken time to find out how much came to Nasarawa state from inception of this administration till date and marry it with what is on ground in order to appreciate what the authors are talking about.can u tell urself who is the contractor handling the so called project and for how much are they executing the projects that is even less than 30% completed in a whole year…or is it the laying off of over 7000 thousand staffs is what we should be celebrating in this spate of unemployment?pls do have a rethink and keep quiet when intellectuals are talking,this will not in anyway deprive u of what ever u are looking for in the govt if u deserve it .critism is the guide of the wise not an attack pls

  4. Shama u hv said the truth nd nthng bt the truth even in my local govt a thnk u visit has been done talkles of a single projet

  5. The attacks on Gov. Al-makura are enough, you have made fame and gotten alot of hits on your site, please put news, you have shamed the journalism profession by printing lies, how can women give birth on bare floor in this day an age, have you seen Lafia stadium? It has been under construction since March 2012, Nasarawa United play their matches in Kafanchan. Go and see what he as done!. I didn’t see your story on the 58 million drug revolving scheme set up to give drugs, or the schools built, or even the traffic lights , there is a story for you. Yes! Many projects were started by past governments but they didn’t finish them and start them. Al -makura is out to do what those before him set out to do and more. Let him be! You can get news if you ever come to Nasarawa state for your self. Or do you get paid to print fabrication only!! We have never had it this good we see and feel the difference, thank you! You say you are impartial yet you print only one side of the story. Stop it!

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