Young Nigerian Virgin Stripped Naked: Shame on Nigerian Masses

 by Nessa Nnamani

Having taken my early morning coffee, I sat back reading news coming from Germany vis-à-vis Ibrahim Babangida’s critical health condition. I was praying for his health to be returned to him. IBB is not somebody that I would love to see die in a hospital because he needs to die like his late brother in crime, Gaddafi.

I was so sad, very sad indeed and I reflected: Abdulsalami Abubakar stole about 20 billion U.S dollars from Nigeria , Atiku Abubakar stole about $18 billion U.S dollars,  Olusegun Obasanjo and her daughter- Iyabo liquidated about $13 billion dollar power project, IBB stole about $20 billion US dollars from Nigeria. Ibori stole over $2.6 billion U.S dollars, Tony Anenih stole about $6 billion U.S. dollars during his time as a federal minister alone, Abba Ruma stole about 1.3 billion U.S dollars ,Umaru Dikko stole about $1 billion U.S dollars, Peter Odili stole about $2billion U.S dollars ,Orji Uzor Kalu stole about $1.2 billion U.S dollars, Bola Tinubu stole about $1.1 billion U.S dollars, David Mark stole about $1 billion U.S dollars already, former speaker Bankole stole about $1 billion U.S dollars, Ahmed Makarfi stole about $800 million U.S dollars, Gbenga Daniel stole about 500 million U.S dollars, Christopher Alao Akala stole about $250 million U.S dollars, Ikedi Ohakim stole about 450 million U.S dollars, Muhammadu Buhari stole over 500 million U.S dollars during his time at Petroleum Trust Fund, Chimaroke Nnamani stole over $500 million U.S dollars, Donald Duke stole about 600 million U.S dollars, Lucky Igbinedion stole about 600 million U.S dollars, Ngozi Okonja Iweala stole about 100 million U.S dollars, Nasir el Rufai is accused of liquidating about 30 billion Naira, even Saint Nuhu Ribadu has not explained how he single handedly raised billions of Naira from his salary as police officer just to secure ACN presidential ticket,  Sullivan Chime, Peter Obi, Theodore Orji, Gabriel Suswam, Timipre Sylvia etc are currently stealing and the list goes on and on ad infinitium.

So why am I so sad? A poor little girl (fascinated with western technology) got caught and stripped naked for stealing an outdated black berry by a cross section of Nigerian Masses. She was tortured, violated, fingered,molested and raped. The same girl would not have stolen the blackberry if her money stolen by the Nigerian elite was properly accounted to her. Please see the video link here

Yet, nobody dare do same to Patience Jonathan (wife of current Nigerian President) when she was caught at the airport trying to freight away over $15 million U.S dollars and other hard currencies. Saint Nuhu Ribadu who handled the case as EFCC boss now claims such event never happened. The same Ribadu also claimed that Bola Tinubu is now innocent. My question is why kill a harmless bird when these big thieves walk? After all, the big idiot that recovered the stolen phone should have forgiven the poor little chap knowing that more was stolen from him and her by the Nigerian elite.

Rather than hold these thieves accountable by Nigerian masses, the same masses would argue among themselves and sympathize with these big thieves claiming that they are been persecuted due to ethnicity. The masses will sing their praises, dance for them, call them “oga” etc. Yet the same masses will turn against minor thieves. No wonder some shameless Yoruba elders rallied around Bode George and Bola Tinubu during their graft travails at the hands of the EFCC and Code of Conduct Bureau .

I am not calling on Nigerian Masses to have a revolution. No, not at all, as such would attract the useless Nigerian Military and security apparatus to brutally kill the masses. During the Arab springs, the military in those countries supported the people. Nigerias’ case is and would be different as the Nigerian “imbecile and pepper soup ” military would support their “Ogas” against the people. We need to examine our conscience. If we will strip a poor little girl naked for stealing a black berry then the logic goes that we will need to strip our politicians naked for siphoning money meant for our education, road projects and other facilities. I am not an “internet” warrior but enough is enough.

NB:   Please circulate this article and say some prayers at 12 noon every day for God’s wrath on Nigerian Politicians regardless of tribes so that the revolution of the mind shall start. God bless the good people who read between the lines.

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  1. ABC October 20, 2012 at 7:00 am -

    Your piece is way off the lying bloggers style. You used the nude picture of the girl to drawn attention to the stolen millions. My rouse with you is that you need not have shamelessly and indecently use the picture uncensored. I put it to you that you are guilty of the same offence you are accusing others of. Come to think of it, must you use the girl’s nude pics to draw attention to your unreferenced article. The girl is guilty, all the politicians and national figures you mentioned are “guilty” and you are certainly guilty of an offence. It is undecorous and unethucal to snap and publish someone’s nudity without his/her concent. You must apologise to this girl, womenhoo and humanity.

  2. rotimi October 19, 2012 at 8:16 am -

    must she be striped naked? that was too bad.

  3. Okoro Edna November 17, 2011 at 2:27 am -

    This article makes us condone evil.In a sense,the young lady,if left unpunished would graduate to become a first class armed robber.Quod fasciendi?