Published On: Thu, Oct 5th, 2017

Rot In NNPC: New Evidence Nails Magu/EFCC In Forgery Of Presidential Memo, Blackmail, Extortion


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The Acting Chairman of the foremost anti-graft agency in Nigeria may have met his waterloo following the release of a confidential memo authored by the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu exposing the excesses of the GMD of NNPC, Dr. M. Baru. The leaked memo has set the unravelling of the secret illegal activities of the acting chairman into motion. Unleashing a can of worms on the alleged corrupt practices by the acting chairman and their cabal at blackmailing highly placed officials of the Buhari executive cabinet for money.

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A very competent source from the EFCC management staff privy of the nuances of the activities of the acting chairman and his associates revealed to of the genesis of the leaked memo. The source indicated that Dr. Baru actions was catalyzed in part by the cabal within the EFCC.

The source indicated that the details are contained in the DSS investigation report on Air Commodore Umar Muhammad which indicted the acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu. The source stated that Ibrahim Magu and Umar Muhammad formed a blackmail cartel which they used to extort money from many of the cabinet members of the presidency. “Umar Muhammad confessed to all this while in the custody of DSS last year”.

The source revealed that “Magu of EFCC and Air Commodore Umar Muhammad, whom DSS arrested in May 2016, were running a blackmail cartel, using ‘fake’ Presidency memo to lure top government officials, claiming to be investigating them by order from above. So they could obtain illicit bribes. But DSS busted their plans, and e.g. among d ‘fake’ Presidency Memo granting order to investigate, was that on Dr Kachikwu MSPR. Thereafter, because the successor of Dr Kachikwu MSPR, as NNPC GMD was Dr Maikanti, Magu of EFCC started romancing NNPC GMD, and feeding him with ‘fake’ allegation of corruption against Dr Kachikwu. All of these sum, is why GMD NNPC is disrespecting MSPR Dr Kachikwu. And accusing the Minister to be anti-north, corrupt, and Insubordination.”

According to official reports from the DSS, it discovered a number of official documents Magu had made available to Umar Mohammed when it searched the latter’s house. One of such letters was said to have been forged from the Office of the Vice-President containing the report of a fictitious investigation by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo to the President requesting for approval to commence a probe into a matter claimed to have involved the Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu and his brother, Dumebi.

The forged memo from the presidency is shown below…

The source revealed that the DSS report [posted below] had detailed the illegal activities engaged by the acting chairman and his cabal. The contents of the report served the basis upon which the national assembly rejected the confirmation of the acting chairman in December 2016. The letter appeared to have been written in response to a request by Mr. Malami that the DSS should provide documentary evidence of its allegations against the acting EFCC chairman. In its response, the DSS, through one Folashade Bello, sent the minister at least 12 documents. One of the documents contained minutes of the 20th plenary meeting of the Police Service Commission in 2010 which reportedly reprimanded Mr. Magu.

Following the first rejection by the National Assembly, President Mohammadu Buhari directed the Attorney General of the Federation, Malami to probe into the allegation of corruption of his appointees. The names of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal and the acting chairman, Ibrahim Magu were submitted to the Attorney General for investigation.

The Attorney General did as directed. He concluded the probe and generated a report. President Buhari directed the report be submitted to the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo for his input and review. The findings of the report became manipulated owing to pressures from Bola Tinubu – who had long picked interest in Ibrahim Magu. “With pressure from Lagos Man [Tinubu], VP opined that PMB should give Magu a second chance and trial at NASS, so they may consider. Rather he was rejected 2nd time again in March 15, 2017.

The excesses of the acting chairman goes beyond escapades at the NNPC. It reaches far into the State of the federation and former governors. One of the States the acting chairman took his blackmail enterprise was Bauchi State where the Bauchi Coalition Against Financial Crimes and Injustice [BACAFCI] had submitted numerous petitions against the former governor, Yuguda along with evidentiary documentations. But the secretary to BACAFCI, Alhaji Yakubu Jibril lamented that the leadership of EFCC reached out to the former governor of Bauchi, and an understanding was reach. “They used our petition documents to collect money”.  He uses ‘blackmail’ and threat of ‘media trial’ to extort money from suspects.

A recent comprehensive investigation conducted by this online newspaper revealed shocking reality within the anti-graft body. In summary, it reveals that the majority of the operatives at the EFCC live far above their means, in an open unapologetic display of wealth and influence. There are an estimated number of seventeen [17] operatives found living extravagantly above their earnings. The findings from the investigation was published here More Trouble For Magu As More Documents Surface On Billion Naira Purchases, Faulty Asset Declaration.

In another investigation published here Magu’s ‘Man Friday’ Receives N200m Bribe While Sexually Assaulting Suspect’s Wife, it was uncovered that acting EFCC chairman utilizes his agents to execute many of their extortion rackets. Ishaku Sharu, the investigation uncovered had headed an investigation team that investigated a suspect [name withheld to protect sexually assaulted wife]. During the course of the investigation, Ishaku Sharu and the suspect began talks on settlement and/or bribe in exchange for the case to be dropped. Our source indicates that an initial sum as high as N500million was demanded. But N200millon was released.

President Buhari must tell Nigerians why keeping Magu, is it really because anti-graft boss is presumed to be fighting corruption, or are there other ‘Secret’ agenda which we don’t know. Because it is very awkward and utterly nonsensical to throw away a DSS highly sophisticated Report on Magu of EFCC, and as well discard separation of powers between Executive and Legislative arms of Government” lamented a security expert following the revelation from the DSS that Magu forged memos attributed to the Vice President’s office.

Internally, according to our source, the EFCC is crumbling heading for burial. “The sooner this government come clean on why they are retaining Magu of EFCC, despite obvious and glaring clandestine investigation by DSS, the better for President Buhari to make his Administration have a focus”.

For the fact that the EFCC is an Anti-graft agency and a law enforcement body, makes it difficult for staff members to speak out or even stage a protest over the poor running and maladministration under Magu of EFCC. Otherwise, most gullible Nigerians would have hid their head in shame, for having backed Magu of EFCC, following his past ‘Arrest and Recovery’ gimmicks, which was used to cajoled and Hoodwinked majority.”

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