Published On: Wed, Nov 29th, 2017

Ojukwu Junior Remains An Inflated Political Balloon And Liability – Obiano’s Aide


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Ojukwu Junior Remains An Inflated Political Balloon And Liability – Obiano’s Aide


Ojukwu Junior Remains An Inflated Political Balloon And Liability – Obiano’s Aide

The son of the Late Ikemba of Nnewi Chukwuemeka Ojukwu junior has been described as an inflated political balloon that has no electoral value or consequence in Igbo land, South East and the entire country.
It has also been affirmed that he is politically inconsequential without any base.
The Senior Special Assistant on Media and Strategic Communications to the Governor of Anambra State Prince Oliver Okpala made these assertions in response to Ojukwu Junior’s statement and insults against Governor Willie Obiano over his (Ojukwu) defection  to the APC.
According to Prince Okpala, it is now very clear from his actions that Ojukwu junior cannot claim to have the same sound intellectual background or pedigree with the late Ikemba even though he is a direct sibling of the Ikemba.
It is a matter of pure pathetic  fallacy for the Junior Ikemba to say that Governor Obiano is lobbying him to come back to APGA which he claimed he won’t accept. One wonders on what ground anybody would ever lobby him to return to APGA while he never held any important position to warrant being described as a stakeholder or a leader of the party when he was in APGA. In fact nobody knew that he was a member of the party, so on what grounds was he relevant to the fold?
Though too many people have linked their paternity to the late Ikemba because of his greatness, only the Late leader can say who is who.
In his lifetime, the Great Ikemba was the champion of the struggle for the rights and emancipation of his people, standing firm with his Igbo brothers and sisters, never betraying their cause.  But for anybody associated with the great Ikemba to work against the political interest of his people is to say the least an act of monumental betrayal and grand treachery.
I wonder what the Great Ikemba would be thinking when his supposed son openly denied the only political entity which he left for us the Igbos  as a unifying political umbrella.  Ojukwu would no doubt shudder in his grave.
Wonders they say will never end.   Even though Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ in the Bible and Peter denied the Master three times before the cock crew,   no sane human being would want to be associated with these negative and unworthy stance in the Bible.
From the statements and actions of the junior Ojukwu it is now very clear that he did not quite grow under the guidance of the late Ikemba who as a Senior military personnel respected constituted authorities  and seniority despite his greatness and wisdom.
How can a son of the  Ikemba describe his Elder and Governor of his State as one playing juvenile and local politics? Is he aware that all the major political parties in the country were made up of sectional political organisations representing the interest of their people which they  used as a bargaining instrument for the  formation  or integration into  national political  parties?
Since the junior Ojukwu has remained as an infant without complete knowledge of the great philosophies of his late  father, he should reach  out to his elders to educate him properly on the outstanding qualities of the Ikemba so  that he will quickly  refrain from  using mercantile politics in destroying   the outstanding legacies his late father left for posterity.
Ojukwu junior should as a matter of utmost urgency desist from using gutter language against Governor Obiano to avoid letting the world know about the questionable nature of his parental background and claim.
Let sanity prevail and let there be political decorum.  A word they say is enough for the wise.  No one is interested in accepting and holding on to a political liability like Ojukwu junior. His sojourn to APC is indeed good riddance to bad rubbish.
Senior Special  Assistant to Governor of Anambra State
on Media and Strategic Communications.

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