Published On: Tue, Nov 21st, 2017

IKOYIGATE $43m: How Magu Of EFCC Used “Media Sensation” On DG-NIA To Gain Cheap Popularity


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IKOYIGATE $43M: How Magu Of EFCC Used “Media Sensation” On DG-NIA To Gain Cheap Popularity

IKOYIGATE $43M: How Magu Of EFCC Used “Media Sensation” On DG-NIA To Gain Cheap Popularity

Exclusive- By Staff Reporter From The Pebbles News @Pebbles_News
In April 2017, the Acting Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, made believe to gullible Nigerians that he has discovered a large amount of money, Dollars/ Pounds/ Naira at an Osborne Tower, Ikoyi, Lagos.
The media reported that News, like it was the biggest ‘Whistle Blower’ recovery in the History of Anti-graft War in Nigeria. So much so that, even the unborn child in the womb of its mother, could feel the impact that the Ikoyi discovery made.
The Pebbles News, had waded into this crisis from day one, on the feud that ensued between the EFCC and the NIA Cash, with the first article we penned down. The said report tried to enlighten most Nigerians, who were not familiar with the details, regarding ‘Modus Operandi’ in Security and Intelligence bodies.
However, The Pebbles News did not stop there, the online media also called the attention of President Muhammadu Buhari to the fact that, Magu of EFCC had only tried to ‘Hoodwink and Cajole’ everyone, in order to gain popularity as an Anti-graft Czar, who was able to break the jinx of “Corruption” at the Nigerian most vast and revered “Spy Agency”. On this, we admonished the government on the Constitution of members of the Panel comprising Prof Yemi Osinbajo, NSA Monguno and AGF Malami, and how to avoid any derailment that may hamper the good effort of the National Intelligence Agency in future.
Until recently in October 2017, when Mr President acted on the VP Prof Osinbajo Panel Report on the said Ikoyi Cash discovery, Nigerians had for too long demanded an action to be taken, rather than continue to raise tension over the Culpability or Non Culpability of the DG- NIA.
Meanwhile, The Pebbles News have stumbled on an Exclusive information, which revealed that Magu of EFCC is a SCAM,  Deceptive and Cunning. Most especially, as it relates to the said Ikoyi Cash discovery.
Reliably informed, The Pebbles News have gathered that after the Sack of the Former DG- NIA Mr Ayodele Oke, the Presidency categorically stated that Anti-graft Agencies are free to do their work, thus validating any action taken by them on Ayo Oke.
According to our findings, Magu of EFCC had instructed some Operatives of the Anti-graft Agency, to visit and ‘Arrest the former NIA Director General, following refusal to honour previous invitations.
The Pebbles News also gathered that, when the EFCC Operatives arrived the residence of Mr Ayo Oke in Abuja, the Federal Capital, the guards denied them access to the premises, and got a reinforcement to prevent any invasion and forceful arrest.
Further, the EFCC Operatives as we authoritatively gathered, sought for reinforcement from Magu of EFCC, but the Anti-graft Boss ignored them as if he was not the one who gave the Order and Instruction for the Operation. Thereby risking the lives of the young Operatives, at the expense of his ‘Image-Laundering’.
We learned that subsequently, the EFCC Operatives left the premises of the Former DG-NIA Mr Ayo Oke. Only for the lead Operative to receive a call from the DG-, surprisingly, how Mr Oke got the contact number of the EFCC Operative. He was asked why he came to arrest the DG-, and he replied that he only wanted to interview the DG- NIA on the said Ikoyi Cash discovery. Thereafter, we gathered that the DG- promised to be at the Anti-graft Agency next day, which was complied.
The Pebbles News gathered that, when the DG- reported at the EFCC Office, the said Operative was attending to him, with an interview to unravel the mystery surrounding the Ikoyi Cash discovery, when a Top Senior Officer realised the presence of the DG- and orders them to his office.
Our source further revealed, that immediately the Operative and the DG- arrived the office of the  Top Officer, the whole game changed, and apologies followed. Thus, Magu of EFCC was thereafter notified of the presence of the DG-, only for the Anti-graft Boss to direct that there was no need for any interview and the DG- be allowed to go without any Investigation.
Nigerians can now understand the position of The Pebbles News from the very beginning, when we categorically stated that Magu of EFCC, knew and was informed that the said Ikoyi Cash discovery, belongs to the National Intelligence Agency. But you will recall that it was just a month after his (Magu’s) Rejection by the NASS Senate, over confirmation of Nomination. At that point, the Anti-graft Boss was ready and willing to do anything, even if to embarrass the government, or fellow sister agencies like the Department of State Services DSS, National Intelligence Agency NIA and others, just to win the support of Mr President and gullible Nigerians.
Over a year, The Pebbles News in collaboration with its mother body, DENISAURUS News, had been consistent in carrying out a thorough ‘Investigative Journalism’ on the ‘Corruption and Impunity’ that prevails under the Leadership of Magu of EFCC. However, while we have played our part, which had been corroborated by the DSS in its Report on Magu of EFCC to the NASS Senate,  the bulk Stops at the President’s Desk.
This also includes, the recent Exposé contained in the two Petitions written by EFCC Staff Members to the National Assembly, and another second one sent to President Buhari.
Nigerians should look outside the box, and stop being white-washed with the gimmicks of ‘CORRUPTION FIGHTING BACK’. Instead, make an immediate demand for the Sack of Magu of EFCC, if only the government is ready to chat a new course in the fight against corruption.
A call was put through to the EFCC Spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren, to enquire on the visit of DG- NIA to the Anti-graft Agency, but we got no response.

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