Published On: Wed, Sep 12th, 2012

Angry Muslims Mobilize For Protests In Nigeria Over Anti-Muhammad Film


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By News Express

Nigeria’s security agents need to be at alert and closely monitor flashpoints following indications that some aggrieved Muslims are mobilising for protests in the country in connection with the controversial American film that depicts Prophet Muhammad in bad light.

As reported earlier in the day by News Express, the trailer of the yet-to-be-released film sparked riots yesterday in Libya and Egypt. While furious rioters in Libya shot an American to death and burned the US consulate in Benghazi, their counterparts in Egypt scaled the walls of the US Embassy in Cairo, replacing an American flag with an Islamic banner.

Latest reports say that the Libyan protests took an unexpected turn some hours today when the US ambassador in Libya, along with three of his staffers, were killed by militants who invaded the consulate.

Meanwhile, some angry Muslims believed to be Nigerians are now using social media to mobilise for demonstrations in the country over the movie intended to show how Coptic Christians are oppressed in Egypt, according to Sam Bacile, the American who produced, directed and wrote the two-hour film, and Morris Sadek, the Egyptian-born but US-based Christian who is promoting it.

One of the aggrieved Muslims who goes by the name Maigoro A Abdullahi said in a post sent to Yahoo! Groups, specifically and “This protest should be worldwide, US and its ally are evil, whoever involved must face the outrage. Enough is Enough.”

Several Muslim members of such fora are presently celebrating the reported deaths in Libya.

Another Muslim who posts as Justabu wrote in “Good. Very good for Amerıca. Amerıcans should know that theır freedom ends where other people’s freedom starts. Amerıcans ın Arabıa and the Muslım World should watch theır backs. Muslıms would surely fıght back and Amerıca ıs the target. Enough of theır ınsensıtıvıty.”

Media experts are already warning that Nigerian security agencies must move swiftly to nip any threat to peace in connection with the controversial film in the bud.

Commenting on the issue on his Facebook page, the Abuja-based media expert, Mr. Uche Ezechukwu, wrote: “Nigeria security agencies should look out for a spill-over into Nigeria.”

As reported by the Associated Press, the 14-minute trailer of the movie posted on the website YouTube in an original English version and another dubbed into Egyptian Arabic “depicts Muhammad as a fraud, a womanizer and a madman in an overtly ridiculing way, showing him having sex and calling for massacres.”

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  1. Auwal gifted says:

    Raph, mind ur tongue if not ur mumu and idiot,stupid parent,will cry 4 u, see ur face nonsence,go back to skul read d old testment of bible and see hw prophet Mohammad is in d sight of God

  2. Auwal gifted says:

    Oladele u a very stupid nd mad

  3. Abdullahi says:

    To the writer of this report and others .There is no plan for demonstration but we muslim we condemned this film together with all who are backing it. But i have a question did you ever heard or wit nessed a muslim insultin or abusing prophet jesus? So among us do not want peace?The fool among us is the one who is not respecting God s messengers.

  4. Raph says:

    Honestly, i stil dont undastand why libyans shld be celebratn d killin of 3 americans. Isn’t d american dey were cryn to 4 help wen gadafi vowed 2 go house to house nd sneeze live out of deir big noses 4 opposn him at dsame benghazi. Hw culd dey forget so soon. as if these arabs reason wt their anus. Three pple ve died 4 d offence of one man which caused no live, nd dey re happy abt dat.And som idiots in Nigeria re tryn 2 copy dem. these idiots re nt done wt d boko haram dey created 4 deir pple in d north yet dey want 2 create anoda one. Afta, dey wld look 4 who dey wld blame 4 their misery. Yet dey go abt deceivn themselve wt d lie dat islam is peaceful. Why dey arm 2 deir teeth lookn 4 who 2 kill at any slightest provocatn as if dey re d only pple dat knw hw 2 kill. Is it u(mortal) dat protect ur god(divine) or ur god protects u. Wen wil u pple learn tolerance so that u may coexist wt other religion peacefully. It is only a fool dat destroys his own home.

  5. Sammy says:

    There they go again,when ever there’s a problem in other countries that afects Islam,here in Nigeria pple will start attacking innocent citizens and even burning churches especially in d north.When an Imam tore off some pages of Qur’an in order to implicate a 14yr old christian girl in parkistan all over d world muslims kept quiet as if they don’t know,why are we not objective,am not in suport of any thing that will ridicule other pple’s believe,but d Arab world are portraying Islam in a bad light over an Issue not released yet,there are more better ways for solving problems,if God can not defend him self,it means he is not God enough to be God,let’s leave God matter for God,except otherwise,God demand help from we mortals and his subjects.

  6. Oladele Olayinka Asaba says:

    This is senseless moves, for some groups of people to start demonstrating in Nigeria because a movie in America. They did not demonstrate because Malam Sanusi is introducing new #5,000.00 single note and trying to faceout #20 ; #10 & #5 by changing them to coins, knowing fully well that is tenable in our market and bank. Anybody that come out should be fire by our soldiers.