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Anglican Church: Nigerian ‘Born Again’ Bishop in Bribe-4-Knight scandal in NYC

Bishop Samuel Chukwuka

“Bishop Chukwuka hails from Nnobi, in the Diocese on the Niger. To my mind, Bishop Chukwuka is a household name as far as Evangelicalism and Preaching the unadulterated Gospel of Christ is concerned. He is the Bishop of Anglican Diocese of Isuikwuato / Umunneochi Diocese in Abia State. He is an inspiring and versatile National and International Conference, Crusade and Seminar Speaker. To the Glory of the Almighty God, the story and history of Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) in Nigeria cannot be completed without mentioning his name and the significant roles he played and is still playing today.” – stated, RT. Reverend Ephraim O. Ikeakor [JP], the Bishop of Amichi Diocese at the Cathedral Church of St. Andrews on Friday, June 11, 2011 while addressing the gathered church audience.

The Orwellian ovation by the Bishop of Amichi of the Bishop of Isuikwuato / Umunneochi Diocese, Rt. Reverend Samuel Chukwuka may find itself recoiling away at the doorsteps of the unfolding scandal of unholy bribery in return for Knight-ship in the Nigerian Anglican community of the New York metropolis area.

On February 2011, Rt. Reverend Samuel Chukwuka visited New York. During his previous visits, he would normally partake in the Anglican services conducted by the Nigerian churches in the tri-state area of New York. It is noteworthy that the Nigerian Anglican communities in New York are not under the Diocese of New York or any Diocese.

The February visit took a turn for the abyss.

 Bishop Samuel Chukwuka who became the Bishop of Isuikwuato / Umunneochi Diocese in Abia State on March 15, 2005 following his stint at the Diocese on the Niger under the tutelage of Bishop Okeke found his person, on February 2011, dragged into a bribe for knight scandal.

Through deceptively ambitious Anglican Reverend gentlemen in the United States of America who comprise primarily of expelled Reverends from the Anglican communion in Nigeria and fraudulent individuals that parade as Anglican Reverends – some of which joined the Reverend-hood upon their arrival to New York to open their own private churches under the supposed franchise of the Anglican Church of Nigeria – through them, the Bishop managed to swindle the Nigerian Anglican community in New York.  What appears striking is many associated themselves with the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion [EFAC].

In collusion with one of the Anglican Reverends [Rev Ben Nnaji from Mbano] whose priesthood has not been recognized by the Anglican Church of Nigeria, the Rt. Reverend Chukwuka orchestrated his unholy fraud on the Nigerian Anglican Community in the tri-state area of New York.

The Reverend Pastor played the role of the middleman. He went around the private Nigerian Anglican churches in the tri-state area advertising that the Bishop of Isuikwuato / Umunneochi Diocese was scheduled to visit New York in February of 2011 – that the Bishop has agreed to crown the Knight-hood on members of their respective church in returned for a token fee of $1000 per person.  

The response was rapid. The members of the Igbo Anglican community in New York were particularly excited by the development. In the Igbo community alone gathered that a minimum of 50 participants were registered at $1000 a pop. The monies were collected across the States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and remitted to the Bishop.

Interestingly, there were no criteria for registering to become a Knight except the $1000 registration fee or bribe – side-swiping the criteria stipulated under the doctrine guiding the Anglican Church of Nigeria for Knight-hood [which mandates that the Council of Knight deliberate on whom to accord the honor of Knight-hood].

According to information made available to, as the Bishop arrived to New York, the ceremony was arranged at a hotel [Marriot Hotel] in Queens, New York. And the Knights certificates were distributed to the new Knights – and then the evening turned into a jamboree.

When reached out to the Bishop through his Nigeria cell phone [08033386221] asking why he Knighted the participants in New York, he boldly stated that “if anybody gives me money I will Knight the person”.  When the Primate of Nigeria [head of Anglican Church in Nigeria] was contacted he acknowledged being aware of the scandal and pledged to have it resolved. He told our correspondent that Bishop Chukwuka was wrong to have Knighted the people in the manner he did. He stated that the Anglican Communion is scheduled for a Provincial Meeting in October 2011. He promised to have the matter deliberated upon at the Bishop’s meeting.

 Meanwhile the Nigerian Anglican community in New York, particularly the Igbo community has been caught in turmoil. This is following the recent visit by the Primate to New York in July 2011 where he stated his displeasure with the activities of Bishop Chukwuka in New York. The Primate openly chastised the Bishop stating that he had been warned to checkmate his activities in official capacity while outside Nigeria, particularly New York.

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  1. nwakpu says:


  2. Okolo solomon says:

    I dnt hav much 2 say bt Ikenna nva spk abt Bishop Sam Chukwuka else heaven wl vst u. He is my uncle and nva had he has,had or wl hav bad reptutatn.

  3. Obi says:

    Ikenna Ellis is a. Cash and write journalists at many fora he has bee exposed to be writing for Bishop Chukwuma who is bent on destroying Bishop Chukwuka. Way back in Enugu bishop Sam Chukwuka was the then Archdeacon of Emmanuel Anglican Church Achara Layout, Enugu. On appointment of Bishop Chukwuma he transferred him to a church in The interior of Awkunanw. Yet Sam Chukwuka built the Anglican Faithfuls and his success story was unrivaled. His popularity turned the Bisho against him , then the Bishop on the Niger, Bishop Okeke brought him to All Saints Cathedral Onitsha where he became an instant hit. It was his antecedents and success that got him elected and consecrated The Bishop of Isikwuato/Umunneochi Diocese. His visits to New York has nothing to do with your Story line, it is a mere Smear. Ikenna you are a Black mail and I ask you to clear whatever you write before publishing , I vividly remember how you tried to Tarnish Hon. Uche Ekwunife’s hard earned reputation. If you are looking for pay back Bishop Sam Chukwuka is a highly resourceful clergy, Bishop and credible Man of God, who learned the service in the Lord vineyard since the days of The Scripture Union. His efforts in establishing EFAC is unrivaled , he inherited a Diocese where people where disillusioned about going to Church , and there were no funds for service to the Lord. But today in umuneochi diocese his great achievements are very outstanding. When his mother died The women of Isikwuato Umunneochi were shocked that he didn’t own a decent house in his hometown Nnobi, despite all the lies people like you and other detractors tried to present . The women of Umunneochi Diocese said they will build him a House that if he had succeeded in pulling down the Powers of darkness that hel them down for ages , it is not so much to build him a decent house. Please leave Bishop Sam Chukwuka alone, stay off the Politics of the Anglican Church and focus on repairing your battered image, Ikenna.

  4. Iyke says:

    There is a lot going on in the church today more than eyes can see. I suggest that if you are not a clergy in the anglican to refrain from taking sides or passing judgement in a matter you dont know its origin.Afterall some journalist may present stories to satisfy whoever paid them to write.

  5. collins says:

    why was he not excommunicated immediately as he boasted of commiting heresy? Please i am more dis-pleased by this ugly trend of that bishop. I expect the Primate to issue a bull of excommunication becuase he went against the law of the church.

    • Chika says:

      Ikenna Ezenekwe is an unrepentant blatant liar.REMOVE THIS POST. What do you by accusing reputable men of God. I know this two people,the Bishop and the Reverend genlteman. He was even the longest serving chaplin of his bishop before he travelled abroad. Somebody that trained an was ordained in Nigeria.
      Ikenna ,they are men of God who fear God and worship him nin truth and in Spirit. VERIFY YOUR STORIES,STOP TANISHING PEOPLES IMAGE. Go and ask for their forgivennes otherwise you will live to regeret it.