Catholic Doctors Kick Against Imo State VAPP , Says It Encourages Abortion

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The Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (ACMPN), Imo State Branch has kicked against revision of Imo State of Nigeria Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Law No 12, 2012, saying that the new Bill legalised abortion and would erode Igbo and Christian values of life.

It said that the bill sponsored by Hon Amb. Uju Onwudiwe which purported to be a Law for Prohibition of Violence Against Persons, is defect in material and in substance.

 In a representation by the association on the Legislative Public Hearing for Violence Against People’s Prohibition (VAPP) Bill for Imo State on Tuesday, a copy made available our correspondent, the doctors pointed out that the Bill doesn’t have section that defined a ‘person’ who is the main object of the law, adding that it must be clearly defined.  

“If a person is characterized by ‘Life’ what in this Law protects that ‘Sanctity of Life’ on whom Violence is inflicted. The Law does not protect ‘Life’ from its very scientific medical beginning from ‘Conception to Natural Death’. 

“This law must state that any laws that proposes “Violence or Death” against a ‘person’ not in accordance with the provisions of Chapter IV of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, is hereby repealed, rendered null and void and of no effect.”

The Imo BILL No. 12 according to the ACMPN was poorly written and conceptualized law which they claimed has an agenda to destroy the family and erode Igbo traditions and Christian Religious foundation. 

“Imo Bill No. 12 legalizes Abortion,  Same-Sex Marriage, Outlaws the Use of the Bible in Schools, Outlaws all-men Catholic Seminaries, Ordains women as priests, Crowns women as traditional Ezes in Imo Communities, promotes the Sale of Human parts from aborted babies, imprisons parents and preachers for moral education of children. The BILL is better not promulgated in its present form and remain repealed.” 

Dr Chidi Njamanze who led a delegation of the Medical Practitioners of Catholic extraction, however, pointed out the issues addressed on rape were all provided for in the current penal code in Nigeria. “This current law was designed to augment the Imo State Law No. 7 for the destruction of the family and killing of the unborn Imo Child.

“If the BILL No. 12 is well intended, it should ban the proliferation of ‘Imo Baby Factories’, who are being killed and their organs taken for EXPORT to Western Countries to provide organs for their infants with heart defects, kidney defects, liver and lung insufficiency.” 

The Association alleged that the Imo State Law No. 12 is sponsored by some foreign organisation which sole aim was to provide aborted tissues and fetal parts for the Western Pharmaceutical Companies for drug testing and cosmetics industry. “It also provides human Overian Eggs through Invitro-Feritilization (IVF) Clinics to supply over 100 milion eggs needed for the Tissue Cloning Industry.

“This will mark the beginning of Biological Colonialism using innocent babies from Imo State. There is also a growing threat of use of ‘infanticides’ to kill ‘girl’ child in families in Sex Selection. The promulgation of the Imo Law No. 12 will only be of value if it is focused on protecting all persons from the moment of conception to natural death,” it maintained.  



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