UPP Backs Buhari On Executive Order

UPP Backs Buhari On Executive Order

UPP Backs Buhari On Executive Order

9th July, 2018

Press Release


The United Progressive Party (UPP) Commends Absolutely The Executive Order No. 6 By President Muhammadu Buhari


Our great party, the United Progressive Party and its leadership are

in total solidarity with President Muhammadu Buhari for issuing the

Executive Order No. 6, which is on the seizure of assets that are

under investigation including those assets whose owners or claimants

to their title are not able to satisfactorily prove their sources of

legitimate acquisition.


We wish to recall that on Tuesday 5th May, 2015, a cross-section of

the National Executive Committee (NEC) of our party paid a courtesy

call to then President- elect, a couple weeks before his formal

inauguration, which took place on 29th May 2015, at the Eagle Square,

Abuja. In congratulating Mr. President for his resounding victory at

the presidential election, we recommended to him three areas he should

give priority attention in his administration. We recommended that he

should declare state of emergency in the power sector. We also

recommended that he should pursue the introduction of Electronic

Voting System (EVS). The third recommendation we made was

anti-corruption drive and we proposed as follows:


“We are aware like most discerning Nigerians that you are fully

prepared to square up to the challenges ahead, but permit us to

suggest that your

Government should among other things spare no effort to recover all

recoverable of our common patrimony in private hands whether in

Nigeria or abroad, which has been illegally or illegitimately

acquired. UPP shall join the vanguard to mobilize public support for

you in this effort. In making this suggestion, we are convinced that

recovering as little as twenty-five percent of our common wealth in

private hands will go a long way in assisting you fulfill most of your

campaign promises to the Nigerian people, to the glory of God”


We have followed with admiration the single-mindedness of the Buhari

administration to fight corruption and recover looted funds from our

common treasury. In fighting corruption, the present APC-led

government has been implementing the policies of the Treasury Single

Account (TSA) and the Bank Verification Number (BVN), in such a

comprehensive manner that unprecedented huge amount of funds have been

recovered while various leakages that existed in the 16 years before

the advent of the Buhari administration have been largely plugged.


The whistle blowing policy is another unprecedented innovation in fighting

corruption that has put the fear of God in many public officers and

their criminal accomplices at home and aboard. We believe that with

improved efficiency in the implementation of these policies the fight

against corruption will be won to a very large extent within the

period of the tenure of the Buhari administration.


The greatest challenge we perceive that is confronting the government

is the tortuous and sometimes frustrating legal processes in securing

the conviction of those who have been identified to have looted the

national treasury of this country for several years and used some of

these illegal and fraudulent acquisitions to invest in properties and

stock in Nigeria and abroad with a large chunk of the loot stashed

away in foreign banks where the countries the funds are domiciled are

using them to develop their economies.


It is in this regard that we are in absolute solidarity with President

Buhari for issuing the Executive Order No. 6. We are not impressed by

the reaction of those who claim that the Executive Order is for the

purpose of witch-hunting. There is no Nigerian who has acquired his

wealth legitimately that should be afraid of being caught up by the

Executive Order. Only those who have access to our national treasury

and abused such privileges and positions should be afraid of the well

intended Executive Order No. 6. The United Progressive Party has no

iota of sympathy for such people. Those who argue that the Executive

Order No. 6 is unconstitutional are at liberty to approach the courts

to seek redress and stop unnecessary noisy politicking.






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