When Coalition Appears To Be By Force – By Chika Austine


When Coalition Appears To Be By Force – By Chika Austine

When Coalition Appears To Be By Force – By Chika Austine

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Immediately after the glorious 30th May sit at home exercise,  I wrote about the plan by FG to drag IPOB into a trap with the decoy of coalition with other pro Biafra groups. My bird within the coalition bloc made me understand how FG is in heavy pressure by international  community to negotiate with IPOB.  According to the bird,  FG keeps telling the international community that she is dispose for negotiation but wants to do that with coalition of pro Biafran groups not IPOB only. In her lies,  she claims that negotiating with IPOB alone will create room for other pro Biafra groups protesting.

The essence of this excuse by FG is her fear that IPOB is  conservative to Biafra restoration project.  She fears that IPOB isn’t ready for an inch shift from total Biafra restoration. For this sole reason, the DSS in conjunction with Ohanaeze Ndigbo and others decided to fund other pro Biafra groups into “coalition” and mandates they do everything possible to get IPOB into the bandwagon. The main target is IPOB whom they described as “religiously stubborn Biafra agitator”. The plan is that if IPOB is invited and she accepts the coalition, she will be an invitee which means not a founder of  the initiative thereby stands at a peripheral ground to influence decision.  The plan furthers that if IPOB insists in his strong Biafra restoration stand,  she will be unanimoussly be “expelled” by the coalition thereby diverting attention from Biafra to DSS created crises among the pro Biafra groups.  While the crises lingers,  FG will be busy telling the world that Biafrans can’t govern themselves, thereby turning the project as a mockery.

IPOB started as a group of individuals who showed themselves exceptional and incorruptible before Biafrans. The ability of the group to prove beyond every reasonable doubt led to her adoption as the platform for genuine Biafra agitation by Biafrans. Today,  she is no longer seen as a group rather as a metamorphoses from a group to a people.  As a popular auspices of the Indeginous Biafran population, it is empirically wrong for a group(s) within a nation (IPOB)  to expect the nation to form a coalition with her.  IPOB is no longer a group rather nation which to me, it amounts to an insult for a few individuals to expect an indeginous Biafran population to form coalition with them.

IPOB as a mouth piece of Biafran people should remain focused and watchful.  FG can’t keep running away from her shadow,  weather she likes it or not,  she must negotiate. If she doesn’t negotiate now,  she will do that after the referendum on boundaries adjustments and assets sharing.

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