More Trouble In Buhari Camp: Buhari’s Men Subdue Amaechi, Initiates Probe

More Trouble In Buhari Camp: Buhari’s Men Subdue Amaechi, Initiates Probe

More Trouble In Buhari Camp: Buhari’s Men Subdue Amaechi, Initiates Probe

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Information available to from competent sources within the corridors of power in Aso Rock, Abuja indicate all is not well within the inner circles of the Presidency. This is as the presidential campaign for 2019 draws the attentions of the campaign managers and managers of the President uncomfortably nearer to the unfolding political dynamics in the country.

A source who spoke to our team from Kaduna State revealed that Rotimi Amaechi finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. As the director general of the President Buhari re-election campaign 2019, Rotimi Amaechi is reported to not have a hold of the happenings around the campaign preparations. The close relatives and old associates of the President are reported to have side-lined Rotimi Amaechi.

The preparations leading up to the ward, LGA and State congresses saw the President’s men coordinating the various events in the respective state without the knowledge of Rotimi Amaechi. The parallel congresses that took place in Rivers State was orchestrated by persons close to the President to undermine Rotimi Amaechi.

Our source indicates that Rotimi Amaechi is aware of the persons battling his political value to the APC and to the President. But the source discloses that Rotimi Amaechi finds his position as one where he has very limited choices. “He has nowhere to go but to stick with Buhari” says the source who recalled the efforts of Amaechi to fight the previous president. “The PDP is not available to him and the APC is appearing too hot now”.

Recently a group of Buhari’s confidants including Maman Daura and some persons of Shuwa Arab tribe – who began making recent appearances to the Presidential villa – sat with the President to impress on him that Rotimi Amaechi was actively working against him [Buhari] in cohorts with members of the nPDP. The group recommended the sack of Rotimi Amaechi as the campaign DG – and possibly limit his “elbow room” at the ministry of transport.

To this extent, the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] is reported to have received the nod from the group of Buhari’s lieutenants to initiate what is believe to be a clandestine probe into the activities of Amaechi at the ministry of transportation. This is according to our source who also disclosed that the EFCC probe is not intended to indict Amaechi rather it is intended to use to checkmate him and tame his profile at the presidency.

Rotimi Amaechi, on his part, is said to be unhappy with the turn of events at the Presidency in alienating him – and in the attempts to distance from President Buhari. “For the past one year, Amaechi has not been happy with the administration. He has been grumbling over the sudden shut doors hindering his progress”. But Amaechi understands the “nature of the animal” and has decided on staying the course, says the source.

Although the relationship between the President and Amaechi remains intact and unshaken, the lieutenants of the President remain an inevitable headache for Amaechi towards executing his official duties as a Minister and as a DG of the campaign. Maman Daura and company, it is understood has presented what they claim is a dossier on Amaechi to President Buhari – claiming he intends to sabotage the Buhari re-election campaign 2019.

It is not certain if Amaechi will survive the onslaught but what appears certain is his determination to stay the course.

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