UPP Is The Party To Beat In 2019

UPP Is The Party To Beat In 2019

UPP Is The Party To Beat In 2019

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is the most articulate and straight
to the point party that addresses the burning issues in Nigeria today.

Nigerians and most especially the youth should embrace the United
Progressive Party (UPP) to take over power from the All Progressive
Congress (APC) government at the centre which has failed us.

Nigerian youth who are yet to register for their Permanent Voters Card
(PVC) should immediately proceed to register now that the exercise is
on going all over the nation by INEC (Independent National Electoral
Commission), failing which they should forever keep their silence.
Your PVC is your power to decide who rules over you in 2019.

UPP is the only party right now in Nigeria who has in its manifesto
registered with the electoral body (INEC) and stands firmly for:

1.     Self Determination

2.     Referendum

3.     Restructuring

4.     Unconditional Release of Prisoners of Conscience

5.     Resource Control

6.     State Police/Community policing

7.     True Federalism.

This is why our youths across the length and breath of this country
should come out en-mass, come 2019 election, and embrace (UPP) United
Progressive Party and express their anger through voting and not by
crying and carrying arms. UPP has articulated policies for the
development of our youths, sports and culture as an aspect of national
education. Our over-riding aim is to create a new generation sound in
body and mind, full of confidence and team spirit that has been
developed in the field of competitive sports at the highest level, and
capable of every challenge of an unpredictable world with easy of

In giving the youth secure footing in our cultural heritage, we give
them an anchor which enables them to appropriate the technology and
business sophistication of the modern world without losing their
ground in a secure traditional system of values. In club activities
and team sports, experience is garnered, which is directly applicable
to nation building and future leadership responsibilities.

To attain this goal, a UPP government;

1.     Will initiate and monitor the implementation of legislation
that fully protects the rights of the child, defend the child against
all forms of abuse and social exploitation in keeping with Geneva
Convention on the Rights of the Child.

2.     Will support morally and financially all existing youth groups
whose programmes are consistent with the moral, physical and
intellectual nurturing of the young.

3.     Will encourage the youth to take part in development
activities and programme to prepare them for future leadership roles.

4.     Will seek ways of making the NYSC programme more attractive to
the youth by improve service conditions.

5.     Will create vocational and skill acquisition centres for the
training of youths who do not have the benefit of formal education.

6.     Will sponsor individual sportsmen and women to participate in
International sports competitions outside the country.

7.     Will encourage physically disabled youths who show interest in
sport by providing specialized equipment.

8.     Will support the building of sport centres in every Local
Government Area of the country.

9.     Will promote annual exhibition of arts, artifacts and crafts
during which prizes will be awarded.

10.  Will ensure that cultural studies are introduced into academic
curriculum at all levels of education. This will keep alive our
heritage in the consciousness of the youths.

With the above mentioned points, UPP is offering Nigerians and more
especially Nigeria Youths, we see UPP as a party to beat come 2019.

National Youth Leader, UPP
Email: johndage2007@yahoo.com

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