Sack Of Magu: Buhari To Appoint Anti-Graft Boss From Among Core Management Director


Sack Of Magu: Buhari To Appoint Anti-Graft Boss From Among Core Management Director

Sack Of Magu: Buhari To Appoint Anti-Graft Boss From Among Core Management Director

Staff members of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, may have finally gotten the expected succour they longed hope for, from the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

This is following the long existing supremacy crisis between the core staff of the anti-graft agency, and their seconded supporting staff from Nigeria Police Force, NPF.

DENISAURUS News has just been reliably informed, that from the several petitions over the years, which staff members of the EFCC had written to both Mr President and NASS Senate Members, it seems the ‘intra-rivalry’ may become history.

There has been concerns from staff members, which according to our source, became so aggravated and intense, since the appointment of Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the Acting EFCC Chair in November 2015 by President Buhari.

Authoritatively, a source averred that: “Though there had been this issue of vast disparity, when it comes to treating every operative equally, that is core staff and seconded Policemen.”

Furthermore, the source stated that only for the coming of Mr Magu, the issue of acrimony due to unjust official treatment of EFCC core staff, the situation was almost laid to rest. But since the appointment of anti-graft Boss, “it has been one complaint to another, over the humiliation and victimisation suffered by EFCC Staff.”

Another source who spoke to this newspaper, accused Mr Magu of so many infractions, ranging from “corruption and impunity,” to the bullying which he had subjected EFCC staff members. Mr Magu has promoted coppers at the expense of core staff.

Speaking to DENISAURUS News reporter  via telephone, a staff concluded that: “Our Boss believed that the EFCC Core Staff have been the ones furnishing the Department of State Services, DSS, all the factual and accurate accounts of his unwholesome atrocities and maladministration.”

Although, no one would have known the anti-graft boss better, if not his staff members whom he had subjected to varying degrees of torment.Yet the staff says the DSS had carried out thorough investigation and they were right about the Borno born Officer.

There has been call for Mr Magu’s replacement ever since his nomination was rejected by lawmakers in the Senate on March 15.

DENISAURUS News gathered from a reliable source, that Mr President may have finally heeded to the DSS Report which Indicted Mr Magu to have failed an “Integrity Test” and as a “Liability on anti-graft War” by this administration.

From the look of things, it is becoming evident that President Buhari may want to prove to Nigerians, that he had been in the know of all the reports and exposé on Mr Magu, acting EFCC Chair.

Similarly, Mr President as it was learned, wants to deviate from the ‘Mono-Attributes’ of past EFCC Leadership, which was narrowed to a particular agency, ethnic group and religion.

This invariably shows that President Buhari may have agreed with the call for a consideration of “Internal EFCC Management Operatives,” who also posses the requisite experience and qualifications needed to pivot the anti-graft agency.

EFCC staffers are already beginning to jubilate, hoping that this will be the first time when a Core EFCC Management operatives would be considered, and also that a sitting regime of CHANGE would want to rejuvenate anti-graft War, by boosting the enthusiasm of staff members.

They say: “We believe with this intended new dimension in the history of the EFCC by President Buhari, there would be hope and great success in subsequent fight against corruption, and reduce the many “controversies” and national disarray, caused by the prolonged decision on our acting boss, Mr Magu.”


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