Top EFCC Staff Threatens EFCC Boss, Magu With Exposure Of His Backdoor Deals


Top EFCC Staff Threatens EFCC Boss, Magu With Exposure Of His Backdoor Deals

Top EFCC Staff Threatens EFCC Boss, Magu With Exposure Of His Backdoor Deals

Recent developments within the EFCC [Economic and Financial Crimes Commission] depicts symptoms of an ongoing decay of the anti-graft abilities to continue its battle against financial crimes in the country as conceived by the formulators of the Commission. This is as reliable information available to reveal that the top boss of the anti-graft agency finds himself between a rock and hard place over a recent threat by the zonal head of Port Harcourt, CSP Ishaq Salihu to reveal the many backdoor deals engaged by the EFCC Boss, Magu of the years he served as the EFCC Boss.

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What struck the bee’s nest came when the zonal head, Isahq Salihu was discovered by the agents in EFCC to have erected a palatial mansion. And when it was brought to the attention of the EFCC Boss, Magu, he reacted to return Salihu to the police barracks. But the zonal head who was uncomfortable with the decision, called on the orderly to the EFCC Boss, Magu for assistance. He promised the orderly the sum of N5million should he assist him.

Interestingly, the orderly opted to record the audio conversation. The recorded conversation was then presented to the EFCC Boss, Magu by the orderly. According to our source, Magu was infuriated and sought to remove the zonal head. But the zonal head was not taking the threat of his removal idly.

The Zonal HoP is now ranting on how he was giving Magu returns from some of the Bribes he was collecting, part which he used to erect the mansion” revealed our source who continued to add that the Ishaq Salihu was “formerly at Kano as HoP, under Lamorde. Very Corrupt but Magu didn’t return him to Police, so he can also use him the way Lamorde used him for collecting bribes. As the usual Magu of EFCC is, he will dine and wine with you to help him carry out dirty deals. But when you get exposed or the chips are down, he (Magu) will deny you”.

Our source made it clear of Magu’s familiarity with the activities of the zonal head prior to his becoming the acting chairman of EFCC. “The same Magu investigated this CSP Ishaq during Lamorde, for some corrupt activities, so he knows the guy is corrupt. Then when he was appointed acting EFCC Chair, why did he allow CSP Ishaq to remain at the Anti-graft Agency?”

Interestingly, it was Magu who transferred Ishaq Salihu to one of the most lucrative zonal locations in the country, the Port Harcourt zone. Magu made the transfer immediately he took over control of the EFCC.

Our source explains that it had become customary for zonal heads to make returns to the national chairman of the EFCC. Two of the zonal locations considered as most lucrative are Port Harcourt and Lagos. Only trusted operatives such as a fellow police officer are placed at the juicy locations to man the activities.

The case of Ishaq Salihu reflects the same tradition. “They are both in it together. That is why, for over five years now, Core EFCC Senior Staff are due for Promotion, but they would not be promoted by Magu. Fear of the unknown, that the Core Staff may begin to demand Leadership role, by implication, they would become Senior to most of the Police officer heading the States Offices”.

Together, the duo of Ishaq Salihu and the EFCC Boss, Magu have killed many case worth in the hundreds of millions in return for their share and percentages. The source pointed at an instance were an arrest was aborted for unclear reasons. “There was a time some operatives went for assignment, to arrest an Ally and friend to Magu at a State Office. Unfortunately, upon their arrival, they got a call from Anti-graft Boss that they should stop, they didn’t initially but later stopped. Now, they have been removed from that State Office by Magu for attempting to arrest his fraudulent friend”. gathered that CSP Ishaq once freed a suspect by name Ahmed Tijjani, who was meant to supply Fertilizer for the Government, but bribed his way with N10million to the said Senior Police Officer. The suspect was never charged to court till date.

Also, another case at ABUTH, where a suspect diverted money meant to buy some medical equipment. Same way, CSP Ishaq never allowed the case to see the face of media or get to the hearing of the public. was reliably informed that to avoid ‘Collateral Damage’ such that will not expose and indict the EFCC Boss, Magu decided to give CSP Ishaq Salihu a ‘Soft Landing’ by retaining him at the Anti-graft Agency, instead of de-seconding him back to their mother organisation, the Nigeria Police. This, according to our source will enable the EFCC Boss to keep Ishaq Salihu silenced and happy.

Meanwhile the anti-graft boss has travelled to Port Harcourt State Zonal Office where CSP Ishaq Salihu is Manning.  Our source reveals that Magu wants to renegotiate terms of agreement, on how to protect each other’s interest.

Our source who is a top staff at the EFCC decried the efforts being carried out by the presidency to halt the ongoing rot inside the EFCC. “The most astonishing of all, is that DSS are aware of this facts, and have furnished President Buhari. Why is Magu of EFCC being left to continue heading a revered Anti-graft Agency, which he has helped to kill internally and burying already. But would rather keep fooling gullible Nigerians, using ‘Media Stunts’ to propagate that he is ‘Arresting and Recovering’ on behalf of the PMB Administration”.

In a related development, the EFCC Boss, Magu appears to have buckled under pressure. This is following the publication by titled Magu’s ‘Man Friday’ Receives N200m Bribe While Sexually Assaulting Suspect’s Wife where one of Magu’s ‘man Fridays’ [Ishaku Sharu]collected bribe from a suspect and then assaulted the wife of the suspect sexually.

Dasuki with Sharu

According to our source, the Ishaku Sharu was placed on a leave shortly after the publication. Ishaku Sharu is slated to return after the dust raised by the publication must have settled.

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    “Beyond a reasonable doubt”@IbrahimMagu ‘These Are Not The Actions of an Innocent Man’ Let them expose themselves.CSP Ishaq Salihu blocked me on on Twiiter for revealing #200million Amadin bribe