Rot In EFCC: Magu Collects $80m Bribe From Lulu Briggs’ Concubine


EFCC Ag. Chairman – Ibrahim Magu

The fight against corruption may have received rejuvenated attention under the administration of President Buhari owing largely to the persona which precedes the former Major General. But the two years of stay in office may have dispelled the notion of the former General being a valiant fighter against corruption. This is due in part to the weakened EFCC [Economic and Financial Crimes Commission] under the chairmanship of Ibrahim Magu.

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Information available to from sources within the EFCC reveal that bribery may have become the protocol inside the foremost anti-graft agency.

Most critical cases are settled behind the scenes away from the viewing lens of the media or federal government. The latest case of bribery pegged on the acting Chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu is $80million bribe collected from the concubine of the late Lulu Briggs in return for the abrupt closure of the ongoing investigation.

Lulu-Briggs was a revered Nigerian statesman. He is the founder and chairman of Moni Pulo Limited, an oil exploration and production company. Moni Pulo was awarded its first oil block in 1992 when the Nigerian president at the time, Ibrahim Babangida, was encouraging indigenous participation in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. The company currently has oil blocks in Ondo state, Abia and Akwa-Ibom state.

High Chief O.B. Lulu Briggs and Wife

The family of the late Lulu Briggs through his widow, Mrs Briggs had petitioned the EFCC over crude oil documents left in the possession of Lulu Briggs’ concubine following Lulu Briggs death. The crude oil documents reportedly is worth over $800million.

The petition demanded for the crude oil documents belonging to her late husband be returned and/or handed over to the Briggs family. The petition was submitted to the EFCC in January/February 2017.

According to documents, the said crude oil documents were for OML 114 supposedly purchased and/or transferred from Baker Hughes in 2003 to Rachael Holdings Limited, a company wholly owned by Chief Olu Lulu Briggs. The transfer was consummated by the then oil minister. Baker Hughes had made the purchased in the early 1990s under the Abacha regime.

Upon Lulu Briggs death, his lady concubine confiscated the crude oil documents and held on to them refusing to release them to the family of Lulu Briggs.

Following the receipt of Mrs. Briggs’s petition, the EFCC investigation team launched a fact finding investigation and quickly gathered that indeed the concubine were in possession of the said crude oil documents. The investigation team attempted to resolve the matter amicably within the EFCC – by suggesting the concubine to settle the Briggs family with $100million. The concubine initially agreed.

But the concubine suddenly became uncooperative – having gotten a direct link to the acting chairman, Ibrahim Magu.  Both the acting chairman and the concubine opened secret talks.

They were able to settle for a 10% agreement of the total money involved, $800million. The concubine remitted $80million to Ibrahim Magu. “That was how the anti-graft boss killed case”. He had wanted $150million but settled for $80million.

The acting chairman ensured the case stayed off the pages of the newspaper while settlement was ongoing. According to our source, “They will never do a press on it, have you forgotten a bargain for ‘media trial’, if Magu of EFCC has interest in the case. Most especially that it involves dollars”.

According to our source, “the case, despite being high profile, Magu of EFCC as use to be known for blackmail using ‘media trial’ never allowed the case get to the public court. This is due to his already preplanned and self-aggrandizement expectations”. And, this was in blatant breach of the EFCC regulation 2010, which Attorney General of the Federation, Malami had often accused the anti-graft boss of flaunting.

Through the subtle activism of some courageous EFCC staff, President Mohammadu Buhari was made aware of the $80million bribery. Ibrahim Magu, according to our source, made a hurried attempt a visiting the President on August 19 after the President’s return from Medical leave. But the President denied him audience. “The anti-graft boss was packaged in an office for over one hour and profiled. But was later sent away, as President Buhari would not meet him, after the so many glaring allegations and corroboration of DSS report”.

The source continued, “Do you know that in 2008, late President Yar’adua informed his SA Media and Publicity, Olusegun Adeniyi, how Magu of EFCC was apprehended with Blackmail documents he used to furnish SaharaReporters, alleging Umaru Yar’adua was a ‘Thief-Thief & Weakling, whom Turai Yar’adua was using as a football further gathered that the managerial staff at the EFCC comprising mainly of those who may have not benefited, conducted an internal investigation, and ascertained he actually collected the bribe. But the subordinates were handicapped what actions to take.

What do you expect subordinate in Law Enforcement Agency to do with secret they discovered on their boss. Protest or go to strike?”

The source pointed to the case of Mr. Nwosu, a staff of INEC, who had alleged the EFCC forced him to surrender N30m property and N5m cash in exchange for his freedom.

“Now tell me, who will believe Mr. Nwosu, after he has been arraigned? Nobody. Because it will be termed medicince after death. Why didn’t he speak out long before he was taken to court? Or even report it to the DSS, so a sting operation can be done”.     

In a related development, gathered that Ibrahim Magu has frustrated the ‘Whistle Blowing’ policy of the government of President Buhari. We got  intelligence on this, when a Staff whom the Anti-graft Boss had used in the past, to witch-Hun his (Magu’s) supposed enemies within the agency, as well as had led Arrest of a Popular Political Blogger in August 2016. According to the source, he parted ways with their boss, when he discovered that Magu was in the habit of embarrassing or ridiculing ‘Whistle Blowers’. So much that most of them were denied the claims by Magu, only to use his cronies behind to retrieve the incentive meant for the volunteer ‘Whistle Blowers.

Furthermore discoveries gathered from reliable sources, revealed that the EFCC maybe under comatose, where staff members have been demoralized by Magu, the Anti-graft Boss. 247ureports understands that the EFCC is in shambles, unlike it used to be few years back. What we learnt is that Operationally, Magu has finally killed and buried the Anti-graft Agency. Staff members now use their little earnings to run their assigned tasks (cases), such that only the High Profile Cases are “Madia-Propagated” for President Buhari to assume that the EFCC Boss is working hard. The truth as we gathered is that, other Low Profile Cases are only on Paper, nothing is done to move them to conclusiveness by Magu. In some of the EFCC State Offices, Staff members are worried about the continuous stay of their boss, despite factual evidence and revelation from the Department of State Services (DSS). They are Appealing to President Buhari to not allow a final ruin of the EFCC, under his Administration, with the perpetual stay-put of Magu despite rejection by Senior Lawmakers of the National Assembly.

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