Maina: Complicity Of EFCC’s Magu Over The ‘Reinstatement’ Embarrassment


Maina: Complicity Of EFCC’s Magu Over The ‘Reinstatement’ Embarrassment

Maina: Complicity Of EFCC’s Magu Over The ‘Reinstatement’ Embarrassment

By The Pebbles News

In the past few weeks, the government of President Muhammadu Buhari had been faced with several Controversies, in the manner which it’s alleged to condone ‘Corruption’ rather than abhors the cancer worm of corruption in entirety.

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The acting Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, had come up to express worry, over the saga of Abdulrasheed Maina’s Reinstatement into Federal Civil Service, despite being on the Anti-graft Agency’s “Wanted List”.

Little did most gullible Nigerians understand that Magu of EFCC, always show to the general public, that he is a ‘Victim’ whenever something goes wrong with the fight against corruption in the Country.

From the intelligence and information we gathered, the procedure for declaring a Fugitive as “Wanted” entails certain vital steps. Thus, unless these steps are put in place, such declaration is only to appease the masses and public, while the real intent is concealed from the public glare. For instance, the case of Ms Jamila Tangazi who escaped from the EFCC radar, and was declared ‘Wanted’ to avoid public blame after shoddily granting her bail, in the case of Former FCT Minister, Bala Mohammed.

Before we begin to cast aspersions on some Government Appointees or Public Officials, let us revisit the Anti-graft Agency where the whole issue emanated, EFCC, which says it declared Abdulrasheed Maina as a “Wanted” Fugitive in 2015.

Information at our disposal, reveals that in declaring a Fugitive as WANTED, the requesting Agency would need the input and collaboration of some sister agencies like the Nigeria Immigration Service, Nigeria Police (INTERPOL), Department of State Services DSS and any other, depending on the need.

Magu of EFCC had, since the Exposé on Abdulrasheed Maina, been making some Sordid effort, claiming to have launched a ‘Manhunt’ on the alleged Fugitive.

Not all Nigerians are dumb for Magu of EFCC to think everyone could be Hoodwinked and Cajoled by his antics of playing the ‘Victim’.

JJ Omojuwa, a Popular Social Media Activist- @Omojuwa had tweeted day back “If Maina isn’t Arrested at the point of entry into Nigeria (Immigration & DSS), I suggest at that point we stop all the corruption prosecution. End of game!”

Analysing the above post, we Understand that Magu of EFCC was meant to have written to the DSS first, for Abdulrasheed Maina to be placed on the Service ‘Watch-List’, this is to enable the the DSS track the Fugitive, whenever information reveals he (Maina) had boarded to Nigeria. Remember the case of arrival into the Country by Chief James Ibori and Nnamdi Kanu of Proscribed IPOB.

Similarly, the Anti-graft Agency’s Boss, Magu, was also meant to have notified the Nigeria Immigration Service, furnishing Passport Details of Abdulrasheed Maina, so as to enable all Nigeria Embassies and High Commissions to be at alert both at Airports. The reason for this, as we gathered is to ensure that no lapses is left for the Fugitive to take advantage, and for now, identify where the error came from regarding Maina’s sneaking into Nigeria.

We must all understand one basic fact, if Magu of EFCC never engage these sister agencies, he is therefore culpable, as the initial intent for declaring Abdulrasheed Maina ‘Wanted’ was to still give him opportunity to evade Arrest and face Justice. Magu of EFCC is only playing on the mind of gullible Nigerians, Government Officials and an embarrassment to President Buhari.

Further, most recent of the saga upturning Anti-graft War includes the #NNPCGate and now the #MAINAGate which has finally made many to conclude that the Buhari ascendancy to Power, with intent to fight Corruption is a Hoax.

However, Nigerians have hinged their conclusion, based on the past Corrupt practices that pervaded the corridor of Power, but with little or no result proving that the President is interested in implementing ‘Probe Reports’ so far submitted to him.

Governor Ayodele Fayose recently gave a detailed antecedent of several jokes, that portrays President Buhari as not fighting Corruption, but using the Anti-graft Agencies to go after his perceived enemies. How true this is, is defined by how a Senator in the Ruling Party Alleged that, “When it comes to Fighting Corruption in the National Assembly or the Judiciary, the Presidency uses Insecticides. But if it has to do with the Executive, only deodorants are used”.

According to Governor Fayose, though not envied by some Nigerians due to his assumed ‘Lousy Nature’,  but often time the Ekiti State Top Leader speaks volumes with glaring facts.

The Ekiti State Governor had mentioned cases swept under the carpet by President Buhari’s government as; SGF Babachir/ NIA Oke case, Ibe Kachikwu/ NNPC Baru case, DSS/ EFCC Magu case, Supreme Court/ Gambo case, et al.

Meanwhile, if indeed all of these Alleged Corruption cases actually occurred during the government of President Buhari, yet many expectations is that this is a government of Anti-graft War, hence the culprits won’t go unpunished. But has that been the case? No.

President Buhari could still salvage his limited Integrity and Incorruptibility, within the little time left for His administration, as most of his support backbone have ruled out any possibility of redemption.

Worthy of note is that, most of the Aides to Mr President may not be telling him the truth on ground, but would continue play the usual Sycophants, believing that is what ‘Loyalty’ is all about. We beg to disagree!

We must learn to seieve the grains from the chaff, eve if the messages are from an ardent enemy. Because ignoring a ‘good’ message from a ‘bad’ messenger, could be the worst disaster that could befall any government. Just like the 48 Laws of Power would put it, “Draw your friends close and your enemies closer”.

To start with, Mr President should as a matter of urgency, ‘Sack and Relieve’ the Anti-graft Boss, Ibrahim Magu from the EFCC, sequel to recent discoveries well known to the Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo. This will help set a new pace in the fight against corruption by this administration. Recalling that the DSS had indicted Magu of EFCC as a ‘Liability on Anti-graft War’ of this administration.

On a final note, President Buhari must prevent with all possibilities, any circumstance that will make his name to be  written in ‘Pencil’ rather than ‘Pen’, or justify the Military Coup D’etat by IBB in 1985 on GMB regime, as posterity may never forgive him for making his teaming Supporters and followers fall into his “ONE CHANCE” Bus in this Civilian Regime.

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