The ongoing policy of whistle-blowing currently being executed by the Buhari administration through the anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] have yielded immediate results in recent months and promises better yields as the exercise is perfected by the agents of the EFCC. However information available to 247ureports.com indicates the whistle-blowing may have been focused away from the executor [EFCC].

A recent comprehensive investigation conducted by this online newspaper reveals shocking reality within the anti-graft body. In summary, it reveals that the majority of the operatives at the EFCC live far above their means, in an open unapologetic display of wealth and influence. There are an estimated number of seventeen [17] operatives found living extravagantly above their earnings. [In the coming weeks, 247ureports.com will serially publish the lifestyles and properties acquired by these corrupt EFCC operatives].

Embattled EFCC Acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

In line with the transparency with which the tenets of whistleblowing sits, top associates of the EFCC acting chairman who were personally handpicked by the acting chairman, Ibrahim Magu remain wanting. Sources within the EFCC indicate they have yet to declare their assets – in an asset declaration form as expected by civil service rules governing laws for employment with the federal government. And, “Magu is aware

Top on the list of operatives highly favored by Ibrahim Magu – John Ejim, Hamza Abdullahi and Abubakar Madaki – is the Keffi born Abubakar Aliyu Madaki who has exhibited lifestyles far beyond his earnings as a retired Superintendent of police.

As 247ureports.com reported earlier in [Documents Included] Massive Corruption In Magu’s EFCC, Operatives Acquire Billion Naira Properties, Madaki retired as a police superintendent in December 2016 from the EFCC as his last assignment but was recalled by Ibrahim Magu to join him at the EFCC. See document of Madaki’s retirement below.

Date of Abubakar Aliyu Madaki’s retirement from office at the EFCC, rank, etc

Through Madaki’s stay at the EFCC, he was able to acquire lands in excess of 470hectares in Nasarawa State – and was able to acquire multi-million naira homes in two highbrow areas of Abuja – one for himself and the other for his lady friend. The land survey plans are reproduced below.

Surveyors Plan of Madaki’s land

Following 247ureports.com’s revealing publication, new revelations about more nefarious activities have come to light. It shows Madaki had bought a farm valued N12billion using a company, Hadifaz Farms, registered under his wife’s name, Hadiza Abubakar. He hid the true identity of the owner of the property under her name. The farmland sized at 250hectares is located along Kaduna road in Keffi, Nasarawa State. It houses a massive chicken poultry and cattle grazing land. An estimated 5,500 cows are being raised at the farmland. It is by far one of the more famous farms in State. The application form submitted at the Corporate Affairs Commission [CAC] on the registration of the farm is reproduced below.

A growing concern within the ranks of the top operatives have begun to take full form. This is as the Chairman of Presidential Anti-Corruption team, Prof. Itsy Sagay recently requested the full report on the corrupt activities of Magu’s men from 247ureports.com. As gathered, the Presidential anti-corruption czar, is reported to have raised the point of hypocrisy within the EFCC – concerning going after the Senate President Saraki over an omission in his Asset Declaration while overlooking those of the EFCC operatives. He pointed to the top officers of the EFCC as requiring an asset declaration verification exercise.

247ureports.com also gathered authoritatively that Madaki indeed omitted mentioning his over 474hectares of land in his asset declaration form. The source who made the revelation also indicated that Madaki should have never been called back. But “Magu called him back for a reason and we are seeing the reasons now”.  The source continues “if Madaki failed to declare his 470hectares of land, then he should be fired and prosecuted”.

Interestingly, Madaki has remained the favorite operative for the acting chairman. Virtually the entire high profile cases handled by the EFCC, is handled by Madaki and his team – handpicked by Magu.

The EFCC operation against the former chief of air staff and chief of defense staff, Alex Badeh was carried out by Madaki and the team. The sum of $1million was allegedly recovered at one of properties allegedly belonging to Badeh.  The EFCC granted Badeh administrative bail after having arrested him twice. Badeh has denied ownership of the said $1million.

Most operations where huge cash recoveries have been made were headed by Madaki and his team.

A former aide of President Olusegun Obasanjo told 247ureports.com on the phone that the EFCC has turned to a money making entity for the Chairman and his operatives. The former aide pointed to the former EFCC Chairman as one of the wealthiest men in Nigeria following his stay as the EFCC Chairman. “He was making unholy amounts of money”. The former aide explained how police officers and new graduates of law school lobby to find posting into the EFCC. “Immediately they enter the EFCC, their lifestyles change. Magu has just continued in the same way. Nothing strange about it.

The spokesperson of the EFCC, Wilson Ewujaren concerning the faulty asset declaration and lavish lifestyles of EFCC operatives, he failed to respond. Repeated calls and text messages were placed to his known MTN line, he failed to respond.