Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff

Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff

Information available to obtained from competent sources knowledgeable of the goings-on within the presidency indicate that the internal squabbles amongst aides to the President appear to be growing out of control. This is as it was gathered that it was the top boss at the foremost anit-graft body in Nigeria, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC], Ibrahim Magu that exposed the Chief of Staff to the President of the N500million bribe collected the telecom giant, the MTN – to aide reduce the fine levied by the regulatory agency.

Our source reveals that Ibrahim Magu who hails from the same tribe as Abba Kyari was the person who placed a telephone call to the President to inform him of the incident that occurred between the chief of staff and the executives of the MTN from South Africa. The telephone call from Magu was made while President Buhari was visiting New York for the United Nation’s conference recent. Magu placed the call informing the president – and pointing to the available facts to back up his claim. Our source indicated that the President gave a cold reaction to the revelation. The President ended the call without the celebratory formalities – and immediately placed a call to the chief of staff.

As the Chief of staff answered the call, the President went straight to the point. He asked Kyari if he collected bribe from the officials of MTN. Kyari did not deny that he did. He rather gave reasons as to why he did. The President hung up the call before Kyari could complete making his point. It was abrupt.

As the United Nation’s conference ended and Buhari returned to Nigeria, the relationship between the Chief of Staff and the President changed from warn to cold. News reports have it that Buhari began the search for a new chief of staff to replace Abba Kyari.

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2 Comments to: 500m MTN Bribe: How Magu Exposed Kyari To Buhari

  1. Staprey

    October 4th, 2016

    No go happen! Abba Kyari you are protected by Northern authorities. There are many mouths to feed, jare!

    N500m is being treated like N500. Anyway, na we own!

  2. Rasheed Akangbe

    October 3rd, 2016

    Sai Baba, if this true please, please, let Abba Kyari go! This man has been soiling your garment for sometime shine your eye and DUMP him. CHANGE ACTUALLY STARTS WITH SAI BABA and let us do it now.
    You can also put him under house ARREST for some months with no SPECIAL PRIVILEGE attached so those who sees Abba close to KUJE will know Sai Baba ain’t joking.
    Also go after those that offers the bribe after all the giver and taker ‘are equally” CULPABLE. Sikena. Yakare!
    You spent sometime in the gulag from ‘terrible IBB” without charging you with NOTHING,abi? So rein in Kyari, maza,maza! Thank you sah rankadede baba.