No government in today’s contemporary world succeeds without a strong and issue based opposition and criticism, not the type envisaged in our nation’s political scene. The best of our leaders comes to manifestation when they know their actions and inactions are taken note of especially in collaboration with the antics of the opposition who operates as a shadow government. Even their good policies and decisions could be made better if the citizens employ the cannon of critical rationalism in their evaluation of the style of governance, that is finding logical faults in the decisions of government and refuting them with factual evidence to the contrary.

Karl Popper is one philosopher whose theories impressed me just like Machiavellis concept of power. Popper was England’s greatest philosopher of science, father and chief apostle of critical rationalism otherwise and generally referred to as FALSIFICATIONISM or REFUTATIONISM. Scientifically, critical rationalism means employing the cannon of reason in evaluating and accessing the methodology of science to know whether science is a rational enterprise or a mere magic performed by witches and wizards. Philosophically, it means application of reason in finding faults in something and refuting them with logical and factual evidence. A critique of the activities of our elected representatives is therefore part of our civic responsibility as citizens of a state, we should as well commend a government living up to the dictates of her responsibilities as Popper at no time abhorred that.

Willie obiano is currently the executive governor of Anambra state after emerging victorious in a fiercely contested governorship election of 2014. But barely two years of purposeful leadership, political splinter groups have started springing-up, all in an effort to scuttle his assumed 2nd term ambition. From  “unshackle the brain project”  to  “correction 2017, they are yet to state in clear term which of their mistake that required urgent need for correction. Anambrarians need more tutorials on this to know where to start with the correction project.

Ordinarily, payment of salaries and gratuities should not be seen as an achievement by a government because it is part of their primary responsibilities, but in this period of ECONOMIC RECESSION, any state that is up to date with workers well-being deserve commendation. At this period even oil rich states find it hard paying their workforce, Akwa-ibom, Rivers, Delta, Imo etal are all owing months of workers salaries and gratuities, Anambra is one of the few states in the country where workers are not owed a dime. Willie was even the first to pay in the month of August. This is what these folks and their correction project is about, they meant that Anambra workers don’t deserve the best hence the need for CORRECTION. They wish us back to ODERAA era.

I have temporary been residing in a neighbouring state of Delta on a national assignment, there I saw governance on a standstill with no feasible and meaningful project to point at. The once beautiful capital city of Asaba is now living on past glory with bad road network and flooded environment especially at the dawn of a down poor, Ifeanyi Okowa led government is doing their best but the effect of economic recession is too much for them to bear. Anambra is fortunate to have a better manager of resources as governor. A signature project of three flyover bridges is concurrently going on at advance stages in Awka, permanently putting to end the problem of traffic gridlock in the state’s capital city. This is another reason for their correction project.

Our security network today is superb and second to none unlike what it used to be, Anambra used to be the den of robbers and kldnappers. Today, there is influx of investors because of Obiano”s effect that made Anambra the safest in the country. The economy of the state has been diversified with agriculture taking the central stage, Anambra rice is fast taking over the Labour market likewise the exportation of vegetables to the outside world. No wonder scholars like Ben Murray-Bruce sees Anambra as a model advicing the federal government to take a clue and make the state a case-study in reviving the battered national economy. Really, a lot of minds need to be unshackled and it starts with the occupants of the correction team.

Entrance from the capital city of Asaba to the commercial nerve centre of Onitsha is now like being promoted from the pit of hell to the comfort of paradise, a ride through Enugu/Onitsha old road brings to fore the serenity of the light of nation state with streetlights beaming at every nook and cranny of the state. Willie is working and Anambra is under silent and uncommon transformation, the government is doing more with less. The correction ambassadors will feign ignorance of these facts, 7billion naira campaign refund to their principal is all they care for.

I just wish the governor and his team continue working for the good and glory of the state, a lot still needs to be done as though we strive toward perfection, there has never been a perfect state. He should use the remaining period of his term to prioritize some ongoing projects to better the suffering of the masses. Amansea-Awka old road is one of such projects to serve as an alternative to the sorry state of Enugu/Onitsha federal high way.

Again flooding at Arthur Eze avenue in Awka needs urgent attention, it is more like a generational problem as efforts by previous administration at solving it yielded no much result, now is the time to make the difference. The solution is simple but needed a political will and courage to do. Evacuate all the buildings on the drainage channels, expand the drainages with proper channelling. Then set a taskforce that will be decisive on people disposing refuse on the drainages and the menace will die a natural death.

I support my governor because he is responsive to his responsibilities.

I support my government because WILLIE is working, no sane state replaces a working team.

Let’s give good governance a chance.

writes from Nanka