Prof. Charles Soludo

Prof. Charles Soludo

Former governor of Anambra state, mr. Peter Obi did not win his 2nd term election because of the abysmal performance in his first term which negates the reason for popular confidence reposed in him and his then party and below the expectation of the generality of Anambra people who had expected much from the new government. But Ojukwus last wish and the church magically restored him back to office for a second term which was later adjudged a success. Comparing or contrasting Obis first four years and Obianos current 3years reign will be attempting a comparison between evil and good, Obiano against all odd is doing more with less. I bet you will appreciate my stand better if you are conversant with happenings in surrounding and sister states, Delta state is a good case-study. One knack I founded inherent in the character of many good Anambrarians is lack of good retentive memory and more like Oliver Twist, we are always in a haste for more.

Nigeria president of Igbo extraction will continue being an agitation, a mirage, an illusion and a dream until our lean opportunistic political leaders give way for scholars who can apply political sagacity in solving political arithmetic, a round peg must be placed in a round hole to get things done else we continue wallowing in the politics of imagination and wishful thinking, dreaming and hoping on the realization of a Biafra republic while other tribes continue passing the baton.

The development of any nation or state is dependent on the character and qualities of leaders of such state or nation, a lion will always beget a lion while a sheep begets sheep. We expect Buhari to trust the likes of CHUKWUMA SOLUDO with the management of his economic policies or other sensitive positions yet as beautiful and versatile as his brain could be, he was kept-at-bay in the governance of his home state, the heart of Igboland. I think we ough to take the lead.

Our first eleven scholars were left in isolation and our political future left at the mercy of opportunists who are best at feigning embers of discord and marginalization. We chose to queue behind those sycophants and allowed our psych and eyes being corrupted and blinded by the machinary of their propaganda, leaving behind our comrades of inestimable value whose patriotism to the cause of igbo nation can be likened to the prime sacrifice of the war veterans of 1967. Meritocrity is now being sacrificed at the expense of mediocrity and we intend to make any head-way.

Just look at the faces of those Igbo governors as presently constituted and tell me who among them can take the bull by the horn and be a galvanizing factor if igbos are to be taken serious with PROJECT 2019 or 2023. What we have today as governors are political nonentities and neophytes imposed on the people with the collaboration of the people. WILLIE undoubtedly is working in Anambra state but he is not an Aso-rock material, his best can only take him within the shores of igboland.

Gburu-gburu of Enugu state is good at being the first to visit scenes of unrest and fulani herdsmen massacres, pay condolences to the families and retire hopelessly at the comfort of government lodge waiting on Buhari to protect his subjects, the people whose lives and properties he sworn to protect. Abians entered one chance with the emergence of OKEZIE IKPEAZU as governor, imagine what T.A ORJI stands for and what he can reasonably beget. The man is still confused on his mission to the government house. UMAHI of Ebonyi is simply a shadow of himself while Imolites have a talkative as governor.

The best hand-over gift PETER OBI denied ndi Anambra and invariably the igbo nation is the choice of CC.SOLUDO as a successor in 2014, his egocentric character made us loose such a blessing. Forget about rotation and reasons attached to confuse the gullible, Anambra needs to get her act right before talking about rotation. From heading the economic team in the regime of former president OLUSEGUN OBASANJO, PROF. C.C SOLUDO was elevated to head the apex bank where his stay was not just blissful but eventful. He exhibited the character of a good and great leader, and the prowess and courage to turn things around for good.

Scheming SOLUDO out of power is a mistake every Anambrarian must endeavour to correct, whether in 2018 or 2022 to brighten the chances of a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction in the nearest future. He is a scholar per excellence and the only SOLUTION to Nigeria current economic recession and quagmire, no nation or tribe in Nigeria can be this callous, careless and stupid with this valued political asset. WILLIE OBIANO must do us this favour and pay this humble sacrifice, let CHUKWUMA SOLUDO run.

Bola Tinubu was the governor of Lagos state at a time Peter was piloting the affairs of Anambra state, he fronted a successor in Raji Fashola who is today the pride of the Yoruba nation and a future material for presidential election in Nigeria. Just pair Fashola with a good candidate from the north like Elrufai or Ribadu and the election is as good as won, this is why Tinubu is the lion of the Yoruba nation because he is a leader who saw tomorrow. His contemporary from the east who had the opportunity of repeating the feat was only interested in building an enclave around himself that nothing works. Even when ndi Anambra are enjoying better serenity and civility under WILLIE, the same character has gone mountain top shouting CORRECTION. Tell PETER that ndi Anambra needs correction and it starts with him as a mistake.

Ofojebe Chukwuebuka Chukwuebuka

writes from Awka.