Disturbed by the poor rating of his administration and its cluelessness, Bauchi State Governor, Barrister Muhammed Abdullahi Abubakar, hurriedly arranged and hosted some miscreants to be honored by a mushroom organization operating under the aegis of Political Observers Organization which is neither  registered anywhere in Nigeria nor a fixed address.


Expressing his opinion on the Award bestowed on the governor as the Best Performing Governor in Nigeria, a member of Bauchi State House of Assembly from opposition party, who craved for anonymity to avoid overheating the polity, said, “The Political Observers Organization must be one of those mushroom creations that extorted money from greedy politicians in the last dispensation which is an off-shoot of the Jonathan era that professionalized in deceiving leaders to believing falsehood. What was the yardstick used to convince the deceivers to honor a governor that is yet to settle for business? Bauchi state governor is the worst in transparency, probity and service delivery in the present dispensation. He is yet to debunk several allegations of corruption against his person including his arrest by the EFCC when he was INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner in Rivers State. There should be a law regulating the activities of those mushroom organizations that derail the democracy through foolery”.

The Honorable member added that while other states are busy providing dividends of democracy to their people, Muhammed Abubakar is still crying that he inherited an empty treasury despite the over N600million he inherited hidden in a hidden account that was revealed to him as he admitted.

“That organization must be an extension of the Jonathan era that perfected corrupt practices and stealing. How on earth can a sincere organization give an Award to a governor that has put the progress of ‘his’ state on reverse gear? He claims to have settled backlog of salaries without accessing the federal government bailout. But what of the N4billion loan he collected through fraud from UBA and another N4billion from Fidelity Bank? Were the fraudsters not aware of those loans before mocking Muhammed Abubakar as the best performing governor in Nigeria? Even a mad person cannot compare the development strides recorded by neighboring Plateau state Governor with that of Bauchi state. The man is a tourist not the expected governor the electorates mistakenly voted”, he said

Supporting the opinion, a Bauchi federal legislator, said, “Some of us hate to talk on the M.A Abubakar style of leadership in our state. The man has since lost focus and direction. He is more interested in listening to gossips and blackmail than attending to the problems of the people. The situation in our state is better imagined than said. The electorates made a very wrong choice of a governor. We are now the governor in our respective constituencies. We have to provide the basic needs of the people to remain at peace and relevant. It is a bad situation for now

“Right from this moment, we have to start uniting ourselves against 2019. Bauchi state is tired of electing tourists as governors. We have to unite and support our own or else, we shall continue to suffer in the hands of tourists”.

The Award, according to Political Observers Organization was to encourage good governance, focusing on activities at state and federal levels.

The organization which claimed to have carried out a survey in all the 36 states of the federation, said Bauchi governor won their Award due to his laudable programmes and achievements that they never outlined.

But highlighting their reasons, the organization said the governor has been ‘prudent’ in managing the meager resources of the state while producing results that are neither seen nor felt by the people.