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Anambra central senatorial recently has been perplexed but interesting since the appeal court nullification of the election that brought Uche Ekwunife as senator representing Anambra central senatorial, this is sequel to a petition instituted by sir Victor Umeh, the senatorial candidate of the all progressive grand alliance in the march 28th 2015 national assembly election. The court consequently ordered a rerun poll within 90days as it declared the said election a nullity for being characterized with illegularities which is against the dictates of the electoral act. Consequently, the heat is now on yesterday’s  gladiators whose Abuja power base was dismantled by the powerful Nigerian voters in the march 2015 presidential poll, power really belong to the people.

Ekwunife has since dumped her former party, the people’s democratic party to pitch tent with the ruling all progressive congress, a party she once  described (as quoted) as a conglomation of islamic bigots with the aim to islamize Nigeria. This is in her desperate quest to fly the flag of the now ruling party and probably be under the shield of the federal might and penetrate her way back to the red chambers of the national assembly but Sharon Ikeazor proved her superior prowess in stopping the political harlotary in the former senator. Peter Obi is still running from pillar to post in his scheming to out~smart others in an effort to securing the ticket of his party but the recent supreme court verdict on the valid state leadership of the party has caged his wild senatorial ambition. APGA has a begotten son with whom they are well pleased, he is no other but sir Victor Umeh, Ohamadike of Agulu.

The appeal court while nullifying the election of Ekwunife and her party(the PDP) based it’s verdict on two main grounds; first is that the said election was marred with irregularities and secondly, the primary that produced Ekwunife, the winner of the said poll was a nullity, so she is a bad product of a flawed primary. By the judgement, PDP is deemed as having not participated in the first election as a result of inability to conduct a proper primary that could have ushered them as party to the senatorial contest.

As the drama and it’s  controversies was about waning down, the supreme court added another flavour to the glamour of the game, an Anambra PDP faction headed by Ken Emeakayi that produced Andy Uba, Uche  Ekwunife, Stella Oduah etal as standard bearers was invalidated while the Ejike Oguebego led faction that produced Chris Uba, Annie Okonkwo, John Emeka and others was upheld.

This latest judgement in a shortest period has generated millions of diverse interpretations and the Oguebego/Chris Uba faction so curious and eager to take their seats by the next legislative sitting, GOODLUCK to them should they succeed but the amusing part is that Annie Okonkwo also wants to be a senator with a cancelled poll. Recall that the void Anambra central poll was premised on both fraudulent irregularities and improper primary. This is to say that without one of the grounds, the other is still enough to cancel the poll result. Annie Okonkwo centred his argument more on the second ground for the nullification without a glimpse of the first ground. That you are the authentic or supposed candidate does not give credence to the election being free and fair, someone is seriously afraid of the hammer of Victorious Victor and the crowing of the cock.

Again, the supreme court judgement has been turned to a two broad dimensioned and contentious debate, one group is of the view that the verdict only adjudicated on the leaderships tussle of the various factions of Anambra PDP and never looked at the legality or otherwise of the primaries conducted by the national leadership of th PDP. The other argued that the supreme court needs no other consequential order to tell them (Andy,Stella,Annie etal) that they should not be seen anywhere near the assemble sitting again. Legal luminaries/experts are still needed in the explanation of this bogus political logjam but before that, lets apply the uncommon common sense.

Illegality begets illegality, Emeakayi faction was void likewise any of it’s product. The national leadership of PDP cannot claim to have conducted a primary election in Anambra PDP because they had no powers as stipulated by the electoral act to do so, it is only the state excos that can conduct a proper party primary. Meanwhile the status quo remains in Anambra central as ordered by the appeal court, Annie Okonkwo may not have been joined in the petition but his party was joined.

Again, even the Oguebego/chris Uba faction cannot be issued with the certificate of return, that pace is no longer invoke. Since after the supreme ruling in Chibuike Amechi vs Celestine Omehia case, stating that it is the party and not candidatesthat wins an election, the law has since been changed. For a candidate to be declared winner of an election now, he must have participated in the said election. Hope this victorious PDP candidates are not claiming VICTORS in an election they did not partake.

The implication is simple, fresh election in all the constituencies won by the PDP in Anambra state for unlawful exclusion of their rightful candidates. Anambrarians now has a chance of shaming the political fraudsters who defrauded them of their votes, the gods don’t make mistake.