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Everyday this vacancy exists.

Did you say for how long?

Are you just getting to know?

Reformers are urgently needed and successful candidates would have the privilege of advising the President on social ethics and morals, interfacing with different organisations and civil society groups, promote civic responsibility by interacting with different organisations, unions and civil society organisations.  The job entails series of overseas travels to give speeches on moral dimension of leadership and above all, you are expected to represent your country at most UN meetings and summit both regionally and internationally.

Imagine yourself waking up one morning with news of a job vacancy ‘REFORMERS NEEDED URGENTLY’.  Wouldn’t it rather come as a great opportunity to you most especially when you feel that you’re most qualified for the job?  You’ll probably hop up from your bed, rush to your handy laptop and begin to research around the agency that placed the advertisement or probably, you’ll want to ring them up to ask more questions around the job.   You will speedily want to dust your certificates, upgrade your CV and hit the road to see if you will be among the lucky few that would be availed the opportunity to work as a reformer.

Everyone needs good jobs these days, especially when the conditions of employment look so juicy with a lot of prospects.  Why not, you can be a reformer.  After all, the job looks so easy.  It’s about imparting morals, discipline and ethics on others.  It simply has to do with efforts at improving the societal ideals and norms.  You may probably think. Yes, everyone needs such job more especially when the notice specified that successful candidates would be availed privileges such as overseas training and orientations, different on-the-job trainings that may entail travelling and putting up in the finest hotels around the world and possibly meeting with world figures like Bill Gates, President Obama or even the UN Secretary General.  You could as well think around the usual travelling allowances that will sure add to the weight of your purse. This looks like a life time opportunity you may want to seize!

But before the opportunity is availed you, let us consider the questions you may be asked.  This is to ensure that you’re well abreast with information that may aid you to grab your dream job as a reformer.  It will as well help you to know the extent of your eligibility on the job. So first, let’s look at events surrounding the above advertised vacancy.  These events will help us do some self-evaluations and self-analysis to ascertain whether we are qualified for the advertised position or not.  But before we consider those events, let us look at another event that followed the advertisement of a similar vacancy some very many decades ago in a faraway country.

It was said once that similar advert some very many years ago sprang up from an agency.  Within days, thousands of CVs and applications were filed in by desperate job seekers.  Every day, the agency kept receiving bulks of applications with each applicant stating reasons why he felt he was the most qualified for the job.  Several months thereafter, no words were heard from the agency that placed the advert and the applicant decided to besiege the office to ascertain why after announcing a vacancy, nothing more than the announcement was heard again.

They were angry at the silence of the agency on the matter.  They sought to know from them if the position has already been filled.  They chose a spokesperson from among them who hauled strong questions at the promoters of the advert.  The session was a very terse one:

‘Months ago you put up an advert for position of reformers?’  The spokesperson angrily queried

‘Yes, we did’ replied the other man from the employment agency.

‘What happened amidst that up until now, no applicant received words from you’.  He queried further.

‘Oh, now we’re surer that people need to work as reformers, I guess by next week, you’ll receive words from us’.  The agency spokesperson smilingly said.

Next week, true to the promise of the agency’s spokesperson, a message was reposted to the public and this time, the tune of the advert changed from ‘Reformers wanted’ to ‘Reformers of selves wanted’. Guess what? Everyone was pissed off and no one new application was received and no body besieged the agency for further clarity.

Another event happened in my growing years in my little home town.  I have a younger brother whom I always felt was stubborn and refused to obey my instructions.  When my parents left for the farm, I would discipline my younger brother so badly that I could hit him with cane, slap him severally and deny him food for disobeying me.  I saw myself as a ‘young lord’ whose commandments must be sheepishly obeyed.  However, I did not consider obeying my elder brother.  I looked at him as too boyish to give me any instruction.  I was ready to fight him and I hated to obey the least instruction from him.

One day, my dad sat me down and rebuked me tersely.  He said ‘You always look out for whom to reprimand and reform when in essence you’re the one that needs to be reformed.  You’re so stubborn and hardly obeyed anyone and you expect to be obeyed’.  I felt terribly offended because he was saying that before my younger brother whom I was gradually succeeding in commanding his sheepish obedience.  It was a big slight on me, I thought.  I cried at what I termed dad’s betrayal.  Years later, when I faced the ‘real world’, the words of dad started to ring in my deepest consciousness.  I remember he said, start the reforms with yourself.  ‘Reform yourself first. It would be easier to reform others’.  Dad was right.  I had a log in my eye and I wanted to remove the peck in another’s eye.  This is not allowed in the course of nature.  You don’t get what you don’t give.

Again, another enthusing event was about Mahatma Ghandi.  Ghandi was a role model to the Indian youths in his days.  He practiced what he preached and he led by personal examples.  He was a nonviolent crusader whose live had impact even on present day India.  One day, it was said that a woman brought her son to Ghandi.  She needed Ghandi to rebuke his son for his destructive sugar addiction.  When they arrived at Ghandi’s house, she said ‘Mahatma, please rebuke my son.  He has destructive sugar addiction’.  Ghandi did not say any word but rather told the woman and the son to go and return back to him days later.  The woman was so grieved at heart over the action of her Mahatma.  She believed that would have solved the whole problem if Mahatma had advised her son.  She left and returned back in days as advised. Ghandi seeing them yelled ‘Young boy, today you must stop eating sugar destructively’.  The boy vowed to Mahatma that he would stop.  The mother was happy but wondered why Ghandi did not give that simple instruction the first day they came.

Ghandi’s reply showed a man who knew that reforms start with self and end with others.  He said ‘As at the last time you came here, I Ghandi had a very destructive sugar habits.  Within days I told you to return, I fought hard to stop my own addiction before I could correct your son who has the same challenge as me’.

Do you now see how difficult the jobs of reformers are?  They first reform every aspect of their lives before they can make impact on others.  Do you still count yourself qualified as a reformer or are you among those who refused to turn in after the tune of the advert changed to ‘Reformers of selves wanted’.