The Peoples Democratic Party[PDP] had the privilege of being the first ruling party of the Abuja power house in the Nigeria current democratic dispensation of the fourth republic beginning with the 1999 general election. Then lies an opportunity to change for good the fortunes of the Nigerian state and improve the miserable poor living condition of Nigerians likewise laying a solid foundation to building a modern state for their unborn children. The account of their stewardship can only subjectively be assessed, considering the political, ethnical and religious linens that largely beclouth people’s sense of judgement, there is always a Nigerian standard for everything. But any unbiased independent minded fellow knew objectively that the people’s Democratic Party left Nigeria worse than it met it at inception in 1999.

Olisa Metuh is at present the image maker of this hitherto most popular and largest political party in   sub-sahara Africa, while Ayodele Fayose and Fani Kayode are the two unofficial spokepersons with each trying to run his mouth louder than the other. Metuh as a lawyer and an image maker failed to protect the image of his then ruling party against an impending catastrophe that rightly consumed the party to the advantage of Nigerians. He fails to realise the sense that empirical facts as can be verified on ground is a better publicity than the tales you dole through the instrumentality of the social media and the national dailies. Nigerians were grooming under the miserable hands of abject poverty and hapless life condition and you as a publicity secretary of a ruling empire after collecting your fatty pay and retinue of allowances, stand to tell to our face that government is friendly and has improved our living standard. What a mild way to call an innocent people stupid and warmly spat on their face.

Whenever I listen to both Ayodele Fayose and Fani Kayode speak to the press, I visualise deceit, arrogance and indiscipline. How do you attempt a solution to legion of problems without an inch of success for sixteen uninterrupted years, that same problem you bastardize another for not finding solutions to in a space of seven months, what could be more unpatriotic than this. Fani Kayode, a minister of aviation at a time when the Nigeria airways had the worst of mishap, even the rots and the infrastructural degradation of our airports could be traced to the unholistic approach of this former minister in sustaining them. There was no known policy formulation during his stay in office to curb the ugly state of our airways, a duty he was handsomely paid to do. He criticized the present APC government for not being proactive enough in ending bokoharam insurgency between may 29th 2015 and now, a period with some months less than a year. This man was a friend and at a time part of the government that gave an enabling environment to the insurgents to nurture and metamorphosize , he lost his outspoken voice and sense of judgement as our budgetary allocations to tame insurgency and suicide bombing was being squandered by same people at the corridor of power leaving our gallant soldiers to the mercy of their inferior arms. This is who is wearing the mask of a good governance advocate.

Ayodele Fayose is a second term governor of Ekiti state, his first term in office was between 2003 and 2007.  He came to power at a time when elections in Nigeria are mere formality and a sham under the supervision of MAURICE IWU the most controversial chairman of the independent national electoral commission. PDP at the time was facing a strong opposition in the southwest, the home base of the then president OLUSEGUN OBASANJO; in a do-or-die combat they captured the whole of western states except Lagos from the hands of Yoruba dominated Alliance for Democracy[AD] which hitherto controls all the western states to the disadvantage of OBASANJO who was the then president under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party. That was the process that threw up Fayose as a governor and winner of Ekiti gubernatorial race, he was impeached towards the end of his tenure by the Ekiti state house of assembly over cases related to financial recklessness and high headedness. This same beneficiary of a wildly condemned illegality called election was quick in calling the Kogi and Bayelsa elections a charade just because the PDP standard for free and fair elections has been abrogated and a near decent election instituted. What they did in Abia 2015 governorship election is still fresh in the mindset of Abians and Nigerians at large, that’s a case study for PDP’S standard of free and fair elections. Who has forgotten how elections were conducted in Anambra, Ondo, Ekiti, Osun etai in 2003 and 2007 respectively, who has forgotten SALAMI[the appeal court judge] and his battle with the powers that be. That’s Fayose and how he came to the limelight of Nigeria politics, a due process activist and free election champion.

The same measure they used on Alex Otti of APGA in Abia governorship race is the measure PDP will be getting in Bayeisa governorship rerun, who says nemesis has no way of visiting her debtor[s]. PDP is morally stranded at giving Nigerians a polite and issue based opposition, they will be preaching the opposite of what they failed to practice. Nigerians will never take them and their opposition serious, they will just be viewed as wailing wailers.