APC consoles Chibok girls’ parents

Our great party reaches out in thoughts and feelings to the parents of the over 219 school girls abducted by the ignoble Boko Haraam terrorists exactly a year today to which no solution is yet in sight.

We are intrigued that the situation remains the way it is ,in spite of mechanical successes to reclaim the occupied territories of the North East from the insurgents in the heat of the 2015 General Election Campaigns.

We are saddened that we still live in a Nigeria where some are still expressing doubts whether the girls were actually abducted or not. These doubt merge from our internal insecurities, after which no other evidence is required to show that ours has not evolved or been restored to a compassionate society.

With crying and lamenting parents who nonetheless traveled in buses to Abuja t meet the president, we cannot be in any doubt about the reality of their disappearance.

We are worried by the report that the Federal Government has prioritized the repair and renovation of the school building of Government Secondary School Chibok, we here owing to fear many parents have withdrawn their children because etheir safety is not guaranteed.

Once again we in Anambra State urge the parents of the MISSING Chibok girls to find solace in the coming of a new administration.

Their agony coincides with those of the people of Anambra State and indeed the two regions of the South East and South South who are yet to join the rest of Nigeria in exercising their right to choose their leaders.

Our party has registered our rejections of the conduct of the elections in the State on March 28 and April 11 for lacking in substantial compliances with the 2015 Electoral Act, as amended.

We wish to enlist the support of the rest of Nigeria in the new struggle that will define our lives in the next few months and years.

There is no doubt that well traced, the same factors that led us to the Chibok sorry pass, are also connected to the factors driving the resistance to electoral change in the mentioned regions.

We however have no doubt that we will triumph at the end of the struggle.


Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary

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