The Imo State Government wishes to express high level of disappointment over the unwarranted, unprovoked and unnecessary, verbal attacks against the Executive Governor of the State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha by Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives at the Iriji Mbaise festival held on Friday, August 15, 2014 at Chioma Ajunwa stadium, in Ahiazu Mbaise.
After those attacks, and the fruitless effort made to prevent the governor of his home state, from addressing his people, we had waited till Sunday August 17, to see whether the Deputy-Speaker of the Green Chamber of the National Assembly or leaders of Mbaise nation could be guided by the rules of decency to apologize to the Governor for those needless attacks and actions, but all to no avail.
It should be stressed here with utmost sincerity that before the Iriji event, the governor and Hon. Ihedioha had no problem of any kind to the best of the knowledge of Imo people and Mbaise people in particular, except that Hon. Ihedioha is aspiring to succeed Governor Okorocha in 2015, which is not a sin.
But that should not also warrant the verbal attacks against the Governor by Hon. Ihedioha especially when the deputy-speaker is not yet a candidate of his party, the PDP but only an aspirant.
It is a known fact that the contest Hon. Ihedioha has at hand at the moment is with his fellow aspirants on the platform of the PDP. It is only when he emerges as the PDP flag bearer or candidate that he can see Governor Okorocha as his rival.
Mbaise people and indeed, Imo people who were at the Iriji Mbaise festival saw that Hon. Ihedioha began his verbal attacks against the governor, first when he was given the kola for the event to present to the visitors. Instead of performing that innocent traditional assignment, he took on the governor, telling him how he would not return to the Government House in 2015 in a very disrespectful manner as if he is Imo people.
As if that was not enough, when Hon. Ihedioha was also called upon to address the audience at the function, instead of using that ample opportunity to tell that crowd what he has been able to attract to his people for the twelve years he has been in the House of Representatives or what the PDP controlled federal Government has been able to do for Mbaise people or Imo people in general for fifteen years or what the PDP governments in the State for 12 years were able to do for the State, he opened another round of attack on the governor, telling the people how all the projects of the Okorocha led government were inferior.
Hon. Ihedioha began that speech and ended it with attacks on his governor. In all these, the number six citizen in the country could not deem it fit or necessary to welcome his home-governor to an event he (Ihedioha) was listed as the Chief Host. That, his governor attended such function in his place would have been highly commended by him under normal scenario.
Although all those at the event were visibly disappointed at the attacks on the governor by Hon. Ihedioha, it should not stop at that. Hon. Ihedioha should be honourable enough to tell his home-governor sorry over such attacks. The leaders and traditional rulers of Mbaise should also do the same. I am sorry, is not a mark of weakness, but only shows moral strength.
It is important to also use this opportunity to call on all the governorship aspirants in the State to appreciate the advantages of others over them. Governor Okorocha has earned for himself an enviable popularity among Imo populace. They admire him and get excited about him. What is expected from other aspirants is to bear with him since such lofty development is not his creation. Again, since God gives power, 2015 won’t be an exception in Imo. May God bless Imo people.
Sam Onwuemeodo
Senior Special Assistant to
The Governor on media

3 Comments to: Re: Hon. Ihedioha Should Apologise To His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha Over His Unwarranted And Unprovoked Attacks On Him At The Iriji Mbaise Festival

  1. status

    August 19th, 2014

    Ihedioha is big full, we the good pple of mbaise are; ohuru obia gbaa egwu. but emeka just disgrace his self infront of his visitors . shame on him. Owelle you are highly welcome and God will continue to bless you.

  2. JAPAG, London

    August 17th, 2014

    That can only happen in IMO STATE. A state where Citizen (Dr.) Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha FCAI
    Former Senior Special Assistant on Media,
    Immediate Past Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties, has been writing for months on the corruption that has been going on in the State house of Assembly, and NO ONE BOTHERS to listen to him. A place where every one thinks of self,self, self, you will be A MONEY MAN to get an appology from any one. Even the so called leaders and traditional leaders are WORSHIPPERS OF NAIRA and pay only lip service to their tradional roles. May God help IMO STATE.

  3. Emeka Chilaka

    August 17th, 2014

    What Hon Emeka Ihedioha (the deputy speaker of the Fed. House of Reps, our illustreous Mbaise son) did at the Iriji should not be swept under the table. His selfish interest must not becloud the interest of Mbaise people. It looks like Hon Emeka likes to play politics of impunity.
    I was a guest to the National Convention organized by Mbaise USA in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago where he was alleged to have disrupted the free and fair elections organized by Mbaise people in diaspora. He used his cronies to influence the outcome of that election for obvious selfish interest. To me, his reason for that selfish exercise sounded disappointing. I wonder how much Mbaise USA could influence a gubernatorial election in Imo State.
    Hon. Ihedioha has been elected since 12 years. He ought to give Mbaise or at least his constinuency the report of his stwardship. A research shows that he sponsored 4 bills in 12 years of his stewardship. That report stands corrected if it is not true. If that is true umu nne-m, ihe a owu ukwu nnama ji e ru Afor Ogbe?
    Hon. Ihedioha, you are a respected Mbaise man, if not for who you are, but at least for the office you occupy.

    I am not a politician but I gathrred that it is the turn of Nd’igbo to produce the speaker of the Federal House of Reps and you are no doubt the most qualified to grab it, considering your current position as the number 2 man in that FH of Reps.
    Back here in Mbaise we believe it is our turn to produce the next governor and our sons are positioning themselves for that position.
    My question to Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and Mbaise people is:
    Will it hurt if Mbaise people clinch the two positions?
    My second question to Mbaise people is why should we let one person make us miss one or both opportunities?
    Finally, I urge my kinsmen to encourage Hon. Ihedioha to appologize to tje Ececutive Governor of our dear state the (he, Ihedioha) aspires to become. He must remember that “what goes around comes around”.