Published On: Sun, Oct 20th, 2013

PhotoNews: Peter Obi and APGA’s Effort At Union Secondary School Amichi, Anambra

Below are 44 photographs of the present conditions at Union Secondary School in Amichi.

Governor Peter Obi and his APGA party had eight years to rehabilitate the dilapidated educational infrastructures in the State.

This school – along with a list of other schools – may have not benefited from the APGA government in the last 8 years.


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  1. Ugu says:

    Education is not important in Anambra

  2. Mike C. Okereke says:

    It should not be too surprising that rickety buildings such as these continue to exist in most places in Alaigbo. And the disturbing aspect is that students and local communities where such buildings exist still call them “school”. Most of such buildings-if you want to call them that – date back to before the Nigerian civil war.

  3. benjie says:

    looks more like ifeanyi uba campaign blackmail i suppose

  4. Walter says:

    This blocks are really abandoned. Where are the new ones being used by the students because there is no evidence of teachers tables,students lockers etc,or is the school closed down entirely?Pls always show the true situation of things instead of half baked lies. Did Gov. Obi say he rehabilited the whole blocks at Union secondary school Amichi? Moreover,at what time was this picture taken?

  5. Obi says:

    He should send his children to this school!