Gov Elechi

Speculation are rife over the uncertain future of the Local Government
Administration in the state as there are insinuations in some quarters
that the Governor is putting machineries in place to ensure that the
outgoing or incoming Chairmen of LGA are reappointed as caretaker
committee Chairmen for fear of losing at the federal High Court.
The issue of Caretaker Committee is not new in the South east
geopolitical zone especially Anambra, Abia and Imo states where
Governor under such arrangement are given unhindered access to LGA
If this speculation become the order of the day that means Ebonyi
would enter a journey through a dark tunnel of retrogressive and
failure despite the emergence of democratic norms and values in the
The idea of the reappointment would enable the government to have
trusted allies who would be able to withstand all odds to ensure that
the Governor’s candidate succeeds in the 2015 general election; which
is a battle to the finish despite appeals from relevant stakeholders
that the election should be conducted on the platform of peace.
The former Coordinators are not left out in this plot as some of them
are not only scheming to be returned as Coordinators but also
appointed in Governor Martin Elech’s cabinet having looted
meritoriously without objection from the powers that be.

This scheme has taken most of them to prayer house and spiritual
centres so as to see how to twist the mind and hand of the Governor to
their own advantage as that has become the order of the day.
As- the- would be Councillors are praying hard for the elections to
hold, the opposition political parties are not losing sleep to ensure
that voting during the September 28 election was done by Open Secret
and not by Option A4 system of voting; Option A4 has been adjudged to
be responsible for increase in violence, kidnapping, division in
families, humiliation, subjugation, disenfranchisement, among others.

The decision on a Caretaker Committee is still making the wave as both
the state government and opposition parties await the verdict of the
Federal High court ruling on the election on September 17th, 2013.
Setting up of Caretaker committee in the LGA in the state is a journey
to backwardness and total collapse of democratic norm and values that
the Press fought for many years ago before the creation of Ebonyi