247ureports.com has embarked on a pictorial overview of State administration’s performance in governance and implementation of budgeted promises – of select States in the Nigerian Federation.

First in the series is Anambra State. Performance in Education, Healthcare, Erosion and Environment were evaluated.


A visit to a sample secondary school in Anambra State was used to evaluate the State administration’s performance in the area of Education and Educational insfrastructure. Nanka Community Secondary School in Orumba North Local Government Area [LGA] was visited. As a caveat, a minimal average of N1.055billion is earmarked by the State administration annually for infrastructural development of secondary schools and Equipment – particularly N915million was earmarked in the 2008 Budget for infrastructural development of secondary schools while N140million was earmarked for equiping the secondary schools.  [see subhead 7 & 8 below]

Contrasting the earmarked amount over 5years of the present Anambra State administration – equivalent to N5.8billion – against the state of the instrastructure in Nanka Community Secondary School depicts a discrepancy that may be symptomatic of a deeper administrative incapabilities. [see picture below]

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Anambra State government budgets an annual minimum average of N1.25billion to Health – out of which N400million is earmarked for the rehabilitation and re-equipment of General Hospitals. Over the 5 years of the present state administration,it amounts to N2billion  for the rehabilitation and re-equipment of General Hospitals. [See suheading 2 below]

The General Hospital at Mbaukwu was used as a sample case. The picturial view of the facility shows what appears a discrepancy. [see pictures below]

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Erosion & Environment

The minimum annual average earmarked in the Anambra State budget for Environmental Development and Management is N3.185billion – out of which N2billion is earmarked for Erosion Control annually. For 5years, it is equivalent to N10billion for Erosion Control.

Umuchiana Ekwulobia Gully Erosion project was used as a sample case. The present administration had claimed to have sunk N700million into the rehabilitation project. But the road appears to be sinking. See pictures below.

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Awka Metropolis

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